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Roosboard is a search-based analytics platform with a business dashboard for visualizing data metrics and monitoring business performance. Search to analyze the data within seconds.

Roosboard's search-driven analytics provide simple, graphically displayed analytics so that even non-technical folk can easily understand and analyze their business data within seconds.

It aims to reduce 90% of report backlogs and give instant results on searched data using search-based analytics.


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Pricing options
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Roosboard features

Activity Dashboard
Customizable Reporting
Dashboard Creation
Data Filtering
Data Import/Export
Data Visualization
Graphical Data Presentation
Real Time Analytics
Real Time Data
Real Time Reporting
Reporting & Statistics

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Key features of Roosboard

  • Public dashboards
  • Private dashboards
  • Data source integrations
  • Functions / calculations
  • Interactive
  • Scorecards
  • Annotations
  • KPIs
  • Search based analytics
  • Activity dashboard
  • Dashboard creation
  • Real time reporting
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Customizable reporting
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Data filtering
  • Filtered views
  • Data import/export
  • Collaboration tools
  • Alerts / escalation
  • Email alerts
  • Data visualization
  • Real time data
  • Real time analytics
  • Real time monitoring
  • Application integration
  • Search functionality
  • Widgets
  • Data encryption
  • Data connectors
  • Scorecarding


1. Search platform to analyze data rapidly

2. Return the desired result in fraction of seconds

3. Self-service analytical platform for users to make immediate business decisions

4. Real-time analytics to reduce report backlogs

5. Provides great assistance for better decision making