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SalesPredict overview

Designed for professionals in marketing, sales and customer success, SalesPredict combines predictive analytics with natural language processing and machine learning. It can identify high potential buyers and provide real-time information & insights to improve conversion rates.

The SalesPredict platform analyzes your sales data before correlating it with demographic and behavioral data from your marketing automation system, CRM, the open web and other external data sources, to reveal any significant patterns and inconspicuous buying signals.

To this data, SalesPredict then applies predictive analytics, giving scores to and ranking leads & accounts. SalesPredict can assist B2B companies in increasing revenue by showing them who is most likely to buy, who will buy more and who will churn.


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Adam Benitez

Hands Down Best Predictive Scoring

Reviewed 2016-11-03
Review Source: Capterra

We had a bake off between 5 vendors and SalesPredict came away with the best scoring model for our organization. They boast one of the top names in Data Science in the world renowned Kira Radinsky. Unfortunately, SalesPredict was purchased by Ebay so we won't have the luxury of continuing a longterm relationship, but it was good while it lasted.

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SalesPredict features

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Additional information for SalesPredict

Key features of SalesPredict

  • Lead scoring
  • Churn risk identification
  • Conversion probability percentage
  • Buying signal insights
  • Data-science-based buying personas
  • Micro-segmenting
  • Advanced dynamic algorithms
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Gain insights that can help you target more effectively and deliver more SQL's (sales qualified leads).

Learn how to increase conversion rates, accelerate sales cycles and retain more business.

SalesPredict automatically detects changes and adapts your scoring mode.

SalesPredict merges internal data with web and other externally-sourced data to match and enrich contacts.

Fully integrable with your CRM data, SalesPredict can uncover prospects hidden in your CRM or marketing automation system and know which inbound leads are statistically the most likely to close.