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Lead form enrichment for B2B marketers

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SmartForms overview

Asking too many questions on landing pages can hurt conversion rates, but marketers need all that info to accurately route, qualify and segment leads. With SmartForms and CDM, sales teams and marketers are able to reduce the number of questions asked and increase conversion rates, while still getting all the information needed.

Designed to bridge the gap between short, well-converting lead capture forms and rich data capture, ReachForce's SmartForms plugs in to existing forms and landing pages and allows sales teams and marketers to reduce the number of fields on their forms. SmartForms then works to cleanse and enrich the lead data that is captured, with demographic and firmographic data, in real time.

SmartForms and CDM (Continuous Data Manager), work within existing databases and landing pages to cleanse, enrich, and manage overall data completeness and quality, giving start-ups to Fortune 100s a complete understanding of their leads throughout the buyers journey.


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Robert Rider

The forms were easy to use (for our website and the visitors) and helped in conversion rate.

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-06-14
Review Source: Capterra

It helped to build more clean data sets.The forms were smaller and more manageable than the forms we made from WordPress. It was a lot easier process and most likely helped visitors complete them easier.

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SmartForms features

Activity Dashboard
Real Time Data

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Key features of SmartForms

  • Dashboard
  • Performance metrics
  • Data standardizing
  • Data validation
  • Data de-duplication
  • Data verification
  • Real time data
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Increase landing page conversion rates by asking fewer fields and still getting all the data needed.

Enable smart marketing strategies such as Account-Based Marketing and lead scoring with confidence in the data.

Continuously and automatically cleanse, standardize and enrich data within an existing database regardless of the source.

Account and contact level data is appended such as technology installed.