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Style Scope overview

What is Style Scope?

Style Scope is a multiplatform interactive dashboard software solution designed specifically for casual businesses and enterprises. The solution helps with business data exploration by combining visualization and data mashup technologies. Style Scope offers a web-app integrated user portal that allows business users to engage with professional designers in the design process, helping minimize technology and business gaps.

Style Scope supports data mashup in a Lego-like block design and provides an interactive dashboard, as well as analysis capabilities. The software’s visual dashboard retains its interactivity even on mobile devices. Data scientists and power users can leverage Style Scope to work with any kind of data they need without relying on IT experts. Style Scope provides BI professionals with the ability to mashup disparate data into different analytic data blocks, and also supports controlled self-service data mashup for users through its data models.


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Style Scope screenshot: View visualization dashboards with in-depth self-service analyticsStyle Scope screenshot: Use charts and tables to understand dataStyle Scope screenshot: Access Style Scope via mobile devicesStyle Scope screenshot: Drag components for analysis

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Style Scope features

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