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EMR/ EHR Integrated Medcial Billing and Collection Reports

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theBillingBridge overview

What is theBillingBridge?

theBillingBridge is a revenue cycle reporting and data analytics app that helps healthcare institutions to track KPIs, strengthen processes, and improve revenue. The software offers features, reports and capabilities that enable clinics to streamline billing and collection processes on the go.

theBillingBridge is a highly secure app and can be integrated with most major EHRs such as Kareo and AdvancedMD. Medical practices and clinics no longer have to stick with an EHR just because they're familiar with it or switch between different systems and navigate steep learning curves.

theBillingBridge enables healthcare providers and organizations to improve financial performance, increase operational efficiency and eliminate redundant processes. In an era of evolving regulations and payment mechanisms, thBillingBridge provides the data and insights needed to maintain compliance and financial stability.


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theBillingBridge features

Real Time Data

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Additional information for theBillingBridge

Key features of theBillingBridge

  • Medical billing reports
  • Hospital revenue performance analysis
  • Medical practice KPIs
  • Clinic revenue metrics
  • Group practice revenue management insights
  • Insurance and patient collections
  • Healthcare revenue analycis app
  • Physician Performance Tracking
  • Hospital financial analysis
  • Patient Schedule analysis
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Upon integration, EMR data is immediately synchronized with theBillingBridge and vital organizational financial information can be tracked:

Reimbursement velocity

Collection KPIs

Charge capture KPIs

Top paying CPT codes

Claims cycle tracking reports

Business pattern monitoring

AR reports

Top paying insurer reports

More vital information that can drive up bottom-line benefits and efficiency across various revenue cycle processes.