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Trend Miner

Historical Trend Analysis and BI Visualization for Dynamics CRM.

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Are you getting the most from your CRM data? Are your CRM users able to easily extract and analyze trends and changes over time? Introducing Trend Miner, an out-of-the-box trend analysis and BI visualization tool for Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM.

Trend Miner enables users to gain insight into historical CRM information and visualize data trends. Trend Miner extends its analytical capabilities to all of your organization's custom entities. Get more than just a snapshot of your CRM data. Trend Miner gives users the power to perform trend series analytics on all Microsoft Dynamics CRM data!


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Trend Miner installs in minutes and instantly provides snapshots of your CRM data. If you already have CRM and have been using it for a period of time, within minutes of installation, Trend Miner will display your historical data like never before.

Trend Miner uses an intuitive wizard-driven interface that allows you to easily customize the data that you want to analyze and then dynamically builds the Data Warehouse based on your selections.

With easy-to-use setup, dynamic Data Warehouse creation, and out-of-the box dashboards, Trend Miner delivers unprecedented CRM intelligence and analytics in a snap - for better planning and improved decision making.