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Learn about Salesforce’s Wave Analytics iOS app

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Julien (Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud)

Julien: See, so this would be all the dashboards that we actually built for within that org, that specific user. And then I'll just choose, I think this one looks good on mobile. I mean, all of them looks good in mobile but this one is pretty straightforward. So that could be the way like an actual sales rep would consume these dashboards. He would have a view of like October 1. He can toggle using the exact same dashboard technique that we just showed. He can toggle from Porter to Mouth if he wants to have not the total amount but the total number of one, GLC could do that, the average deal size, he could do that, and if he swipes to the right he would see other kind of breakdowns. He'd see a breakdown by customer, by geo, by owner, by source, by product, and just like I showed you on the browser, in the browser, in the desktop version, everything's interactive. So if I want to double tap on to one given dashboard like this one, this is the breakdown by product, I can do that. And if I want to drilldown and know what's going on for maybe one specific product like the tablets, I can do that. So you've got a drilldown button here at the bottom right. I'll just hit it and maybe I can kind of know the owner, I mean, the names of the account reps who are selling a lot of tablets. These would be my top reps selling tablets. Maybe I can even take an action and share that snapshot via chat or maybe annotate it and kind of tell my team something like; "Hey, we need to sync," I don't remember what the actual shortcut is. Let's see... Right we should focus on selling more tablets, counting on you guys to share your winning tactics at the Forecast Review this morning, and then I would just like add mention some of my reps and just share that, and then shout that out. So I think the mobile and the collaboration are very important as well. It's not just about consuming these dashboards and getting these in sites. But it's also turning these in sites into action and sharing them with the rest of the team via your Wave mobile app.