Learn how Wave Analytics can help existing Salesforce customers get the most out of their data

Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud

The analytics app by Salesforce

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Learn how Wave Analytics can help existing Salesforce customers get the most out of their data

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Julien (Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud)

Jimmy: Hi and welcome back to another Guide Guide brought to you by GetApp. Today I'm joined by Julian Savage who is Director of Product Marketing at Wave Analytics, a Salesforce.com product. Julian, how are you?

Julien: I’m good. Thanks, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Okay, so Salesforce has a bunch of amazing things. I think probably 7/8 of the world is probably running some type of Salesforce product and this is super awesome. So I'm excited to get to know a little bit more about Wave Analytics. So first question is, what is Wave Analytics? What does it do?
And then the second question would be; who is the person, the company, the team that is best suited to begin using Wave Analytics?

Julien: Sure, so Wave Analytics was launched last year at Dreamforce and it's the Clound Number 6 for our company. So you all heard and know about SalesCloud, the Salesforce automation cloud, the ServiceCloud, and Analytics Cloud or also called "Wave Analytics," is our 6th Cloud. And really it aims at kind of extending the investment that you've made in Salesforce. So you already run your business using SalesCloud, using Service Cloud and then Wave Analytics is just kind of a natural extension of these that would kind of enable you to read deeper, analyze the data that resides in Salesforce but also external data if you need and kind of bring all that together, make it very consumable, build drillable dashboards and really, really kind of take advantage of each and every byte of data that you have already residing in yourself.

Jimmy: So Julian, who are--what are some of these businesses that you find are finding Wave Analytics most valuable? Maybe some two or three of the most common markets or something along those lines that are using Wave Analytics.

Julien: Yeah, it's great question. We designed the product for the front office sales service and marketing user. So we're really targeting the line of business users. And we want to have them kind of have that data-driven conversation with their data, with their business they can explore, drill through any data to get answers on any device. I think the mobile component is very important to Wave Analytics as well. So the kinds of questions and business use cases that they would be asking would for sales. It's how to build the best team, the best sales team using Analytics, how to have a better visibility over my pipeline? Maybe even if I have multi-orgs? How can I anticipate what's going to happen, the trends? How can I review and even forecast my quota, and will I be attaining that quota, reaching that quota, all these kind of very sales, business use cases would be kind of tackled and would be answered by Wave Analytics. And of course, you would be able to do the same thing with Service Analytics and also with Marketing Analytics, so very business use cases.