Learn to setup your Salesforce Wave Analytics account

Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud

The analytics app by Salesforce

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Learn to setup your Salesforce Wave Analytics account

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Julien (Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud)

Julien: This is your standard Salesforce homepage so I'll kind of start my demo here to really show you the integration with all the Salesforce kind of products and UI that you already know and like. So today, I'm going to be playing the role of Jessica. Nicole who's a VP of Sales at a company called DCT Electronics selling electronic products like tablets and laptops. And I love Wave because it's built on the Salesforce multi-attendant Cloud. I don't need to install anything. I don't need to provision any hardware. I can get things up and running immediately. And really enabling ... with Wave is super easy. So I would just go to Setup here and it's literally one push button which is the ... You see here Launch Analytics or you'll see Disable Analytics so super easy on teh admin side. Of course, the Admin can also easily create permission sets and assign them to users etc. But now let's take a look at Wave itself. Again, people love Wave because you don't need to log into another tool. All you've got to do is go to the app kicker here and effectively select Analytics and it's single sign-on, you stay within the same environment, it's instant on, and you're led on to the Wave homepage. So here it is, welcome to Wave.