The core features of Salesforce’s Wave Analytics app

Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud

The analytics app by Salesforce

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The core features of Salesforce’s Wave Analytics app

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Julien (Wave: Salesforce Analytics Cloud)

Julien: So Wave as you see is made of four different entities. We have something we call Datasets, Datasets we essentially, your data sources. You have another one called Lenses. Lenses would be a view or visualization of a given dataset. You have Dashboard. Dashboard would be the set of lenses and you can combine various datasets. And lastly, we have something we call App. And App is great because it contains datasets, lenses, and dashboards. And this App, some of them you can share them, and some of then you just--this is your private for example where I can just do ... whatever I want. It's kind of my sandbox, if you will, and then we can share that with the rest of the team. So very easy to kind of navigate. We tried to make it very easy for the user, this kind of four entities. And it's all searchable so if you have tons of datasets and you're looking for one called "opportunities," you can always search for that here in the search box.