Dashboard Software

What is Dashboard Software?

Reporting and dashboard software allows for the better visualization and analysis of a business’ overall performance. These tools pull key business data from multiple sources across all operations and consolidate and make sense of this data. Dashboards display this data in real time and in visually engaging, interactive ways. This automated reporting means you no longer have to rely on IT specialists to translate important data into easily consumable reports. It allows users to spot connections between various business departments, identifying trends, patterns and areas for improvement.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Visual and interactive dashboards
  • Reports on key business performance indicators
  • Detailed analytics and insights
  • Multiple dashboards creation for various goals and departments
  • Real-time gathering of data from multiple sources
  • User-defined metrics, parameters and user access permission
  • Generate downloadable and sharable reports and presentations of data
  • Identify business trends and pinpoint areas for improvement
  • View and compare historical business performance