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Web Analytics Software with Campaign Segmentation

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Freshpaint logo



Unlock High Performance Marketing & Protect Patient Privacy

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Freshpaint is a Healthcare Privacy Platform that connects and standardizes customer data from your site or app to your marketing and analytics tools. Freshpaint allows users to safely send customer data to their ads, analytics, and website tracking destinations that are not HIPAA compliant.

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Lucky Orange logo

Lucky Orange


All-in-one conversion optimization suite for website owners

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Lucky Orange is an all-in-one conversion optimization suite that helps website owners identify drop-offs in the conversion process using dynamic heatmaps, visitor recordings, form analytics, live chat, and polls

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EQUP logo



A Premium CRM Software that Truly Performs

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EQUP is designed is to bridge the gap between the currently available solutions and the requirements of small business owners.

Things that no one else offer
- Inventory pooling
- Free version has no feature restrictions
- Dedicated resource to manage your account.
- Industry-specific solutions

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Marketing 360 logo

Marketing 360


#1 Marketing Platform For Small Business

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In-depth reporting you need to win
Say goodbye to overcomplicated analytics dashboards, and hello to simple and insightful reports and tools that focus on the things that impact your brand the most. Create your free account today to learn more and explore plans and pricing.

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Agile CRM logo

Agile CRM


Sales and marketing CRM for growing businesses

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Agile CRM combines powerful automation, telephony, web, mobile, email, social and scheduling features to effectively manage the entire customer journey

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Adobe Analytics logo

Adobe Analytics


Marketing attribution software

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Adobe Analytics is a marketing attribution software which enables businesses of all sizes to measure & understand the impact of their customer interactions using a range of tools including web analytics, marketing analytics, attribution, predictive analytics, multi-channel data collection, and more

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AgencyAnalytics logo



The All-In-One Marketing Reporting Platform for Agencies.

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AgencyAnalytics is the all-in-one web analytics reporting dashboard that impresses clients and saves time. Connect to multiple data sources & easily create automated, cross-channel SEO reports. Includes a full suite of SEO tools to track backlinks, keyword rankings, website analytics and more.

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Brandwatch logo



The social suite of the future.

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Understand your customers, your brand, and your market with Brandwatch’s advanced Consumer Intelligence platform.

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Mixpanel logo



Powerful, self-serve product analytics.

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Mixpanel helps companies build better products through data. With our powerful, self-serve product analytics solution, teams can easily analyze how and why people engage, convert, and retain to improve their user experience.

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Oktopost logo



We make it measurable

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Oktopost is the only social media management platform architected for B2B. Oktopost enables marketers to manage social content at scale, amplify reach, and integrate social with a marketing and sales stack.

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Upnify CRM logo

Upnify CRM


Web-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution

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Upnify CRM is a customer relationship management solution that allows business owners to keep track of their contacts, maximize business opportunities, and make their conversations more productive. The software supports managers in all phases of the sales process, from the beginning to the end.

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VWO Testing logo

VWO Testing


A/B testing solution for measuring campaign performance

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VWO Testing is a cloud-based solution that helps enterprises create and perform A/B tests on products, features, campaigns, or websites. Using the visual editor, professionals can modify existing pages by changing elements such as layouts, headline, background colors, borders, and more.

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Crazy Egg logo

Crazy Egg


Make the Most of Every Website Visitor.

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Join 300,000 websites who use Crazy Egg to get the most of every website visitor. Snapshots (heatmaps, scrollmaps, referral maps) show you where users click, scroll and spend time. User Recordings help you dive deeper into customer journeys. And A/B Testing and Editor help you test and make changes.

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Dreamdata logo



The leading B2B revenue attribution platform

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Dreamdata’s out-of-the-box technology gathers, joins, and cleans all revenue data, to present actionable analysis on what drives B2B revenue. This includes attribution across and between pipeline stages, tracking ROI and LTV, benchmarking growth, predicting revenue, and planning what to scale next.

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Jahia logo



Digital experience and content management platform

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Jahia helps businesses manage website and application development projects by creating digital frameworks for delivering a personalized customer journey. The content management system lets users create, edit, review, and publish structured and unstructured content and manage web pages, SEO & more.

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Bloomreach logo



The World’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud

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Powerful content, customer engagement, and product discovery offerings to achieve true personalization and drive unparalleled business growth.

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Proof Pulse logo

Proof Pulse


Personalized social proof notifications for your website

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Proof is a conversion optimization tool that adds visitor identification, customer journey tracking & social proof notifications to a website without any coding

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CleverTap logo



User Retention Platform for High-Growth Mobile Apps

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Better understand users as they traverse your brand journey through your solution so you can drive engaging conversations with them.

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Heap logo



All-in-one solution for creating great digital experiences.

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Heap enables you to see how users navigate your digital experience, identify patterns in user behavior, & engage them based on their actual experience. Fully understand what users are doing and why. Surface areas of friction & instantly see what the fix is.

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Piwik PRO logo

Piwik PRO


An analytics suite focused on user privacy and data security

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An analytics suite with a focus on user privacy and data security – the perfect alternative to Google Analytics.

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Users also considered logo


Amplifying your Marketing ROI with Factors.AI

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Factors.AI is Marketing Analytics and Attribution solution that helps marketing and revenue teams increase the impact of marketing on revenue

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Attribution tool for maximization of marketing ROI

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Marketing analytics suite for managing channel attribution, understanding multi touch journeys & maximizing ROI of online campaigns. The application enables marketers to identify underperforming campaigns, manage advertising budgets, and track multiple marketing channels via a unified platform.

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Freshmarketer logo



Conversation rate and marketing management software

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Freshmarketer is an all-in-one conversion rate optimization (CRO) hub designed to help businesses and marketing agencies convert website visitors into customers

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Zoho PageSense logo

Zoho PageSense


The Complete A/B Testing and CRO Platform

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Measure the key metrics of your website with Goals, and use Funnel Analysis to break down how visitors drop off your website.

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Visual Visitor logo

Visual Visitor


Lead generation and anonymous visitor identification tool

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We Make B2B Sales Easier. We Answer:
Who is Shopping?
Who to Contact?
Who is Interested?
Who is Opening My Proposals?
Shorten Your Sales Cycle Today!

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