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Appranet overview

What is Appranet?

Appranet is an internal business app which operates as a powerful resource tool for deskless and remote employees. Featuring news and events pages, troubleshooting workflows, SharePoint integration, training videos, product catalogs, online forms, surveys, marketing resources, push notifications, and more, Appranet aims to provide users with a centralized platform from which to work and communicate.

Appranet’s centralized platform allows users to access essential information, fill in forms, and search for contractor details conveniently online. To enhance user productivity, Appranet supports case studies, training videos, product catalogs, and troubleshooting workflows, which help remote staff solve issues effectively in the field. By uploading product or trade catalogs, Appranet allows users to check features and pricing information easily.

While training videos facilitate on-the-go training for employees, case studies allow users to show potential customers how other people have previously used their products. Incorporating online forms, Appranet helps users manage health and safety inductions, hazard reports, leave requests, and employee surveys. Appranet also allows users to access rate cards, store presentations, PDFs and sales pitches, and upload privacy policies and terms and conditions. Product lists enable users to create an online shop and accept orders and payments online.


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Appranet screenshot: Allow deskless and remote workers to input induction information while in the fieldAppranet screenshot: Access essential information, fill in forms, or search for a contractor’s details on the appAppranet screenshot: Use push notifications to communicate with staff through the appAppranet screenshot: Customize images and logos to reflect the look of individual businessesAppranet screenshot: Add and update content using Appranet's content management systemAppranet screenshot: Integrate all Microsoft Office 365 business tools including SharePoint and OneDrive directly into Appranet

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Appranet features

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Additional information for Appranet

Key features of Appranet

  • File sharing
  • Presentation tools
  • Document creation
  • Case studies
  • Health & safety induction management
  • Hazard reporting
  • Rate card storage
  • Marketing material management
  • Presentation management
  • PDF management
  • Sales pitch management
  • Push notifications
  • Mobile noticeboard
  • Microsoft Active Directory login
  • Automatic notifications
  • Communication management
  • Content management
  • Customizable logo
  • Employee management
  • Forms management
  • Microsoft Office 365 integration
  • Product catalogs
  • Search functionality
  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Training management
  • Training videos
  • Troubleshooting workflows
  • Staff surveys
  • Contact management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Geotargeting
  • Leave requests
  • Policy management
  • News & event management
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Create a resource library with essential business resources which employees can access on-the-go, including product catalogs, contracts, rate cards, marketing collateral and cheat sheets.

Allow employees to create and complete online forms directly from the app, with submitted forms stored in the cloud for easy access, and the ability to email submissions to the app administrator.

Troubleshooting workflows allow contractors and remote staff to solve issues effectively while out in the field.

Appranet's integration with Microsoft Office 365 tools mean that SharePoint, OneDrive and other Office 365 tools can be accessed from within the app, centralizing all essential resources.

Use push notifications to communicate with employees straight to their smartphone by sending urgent messages, meeting invites, project updates and internal news, targeted to specific locations if required.