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Bitrix24 use case: Abigail Nwaocha

Abigail Nwaocha

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14th of November, 2016
A Complete Toolkit For Small business

In my quest for free marketing software, I came across Bitrix24, and as always I was impressed by the features… and the Price. So, I signed up and BAM I was met with a dashboard field with features and details and that chat box at the right-hand corner. I got overwhelmed and closed the tab. A week later I was ready to give it another try so I came back and took the time to go through the features but it was still too daunting. So, I closed the tab again. Not ready to give up on a free CRM, I downloaded the software thinking the clusters were only in the online version. I was wrong. Bitrix24 is packed with features I would normally be excited about but the interface is messy and the user experience made it hard to come back a fourth time, and even though I did, I still wish the dashboard was less overwhelming. Despite all the cons, Bitrix24 IS an amazing software. The CRM features are just as amazing as Hubspot CRM, I loved the workgroup segmentations as well as the “My Workspace” segmentation. The telephony feature and the webmail feature is amazing. The applications “Marketplace” offer lots of free tools that make Bitrix24 even better. The dashboard is less cluttered now, which is great as I am now able to play with all the features that attracted me in the first place, they still have a lot of work to do, as while the left side has been arranged to nice “pockets”, the right side of the dashboard still needs some work.

What do you like best?

The CRM and email marketing features are amazing so is the tasks, work mail, and the telephony feature.

What do you dislike?

There has been a major improvement in the interface, it is less cluttered than it used to be. Bit the right side of the dashboard is still a bit cluttered.

Why did you end up selecting Bitrix24 over other applications?

While I haven't decided on which CRM to use, Hubspot CRM plays nice with lots of integration and has a cleaner interface, however Bitrix has more features.

If so, why did you switch?

Agile while full of features has several issues which make the experience rather uncomfortable for users. AgileCRM landing page is buggy, so is the email marketing feature and workflows. This drove me to look into other solutions.

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Bitrix is full of features for small businesses, the free plan is amazing, however, the interface might take a while to get used to.

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