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Closing Table

Document and transaction management system for real estate

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Closing Table overview

Closing Table is a document and transaction management system for lawyers, real estate professionals and broker-dealers. The solution allows users to track, share, negotiate, archive, and digitally sign documents in the cloud. The solution makes workflows 100% paperless, and eliminates the need to use email.

Deal lists are accessed through the navigation bar where users can view a list of all authorized users, events, and documents related to a particular deal. Closing Table features secure electronic signatures for real estate documents that are legally binding and completely portable.

Users can control and process numerous deals simultaneously and view detailed audit trails of approvals, online document negotiation, and version histories. Real estate professionals can set up a contact list, event calendar, closing checklist and automatic email notifications.

Closing Table makes sure that deal records are safe and secure with state-of-the-art security applications and user management features that allow for multiple permission/access levels.


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Closing Table screenshot: Closing Table users can use the closing checklist feature to organize deals and corresponding documents. Closing Table screenshot: Users can create a deal list and use the search bar to quickly pull up any deal using Closing Deal.  Closing Table screenshot: Closing Table's deal summary provides users with information on event dates, status, contingency type, and more.  Closing Table screenshot: Closing Table features electronic signing of real estate documents that is legally binding and secure, providing substantial protection against non-repudiation.Closing Table screenshot: Closing Table users can edit deal type and description, and organize the closing checklist documents by state.

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Closing Table pricing

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3 plans are available for Closing Table:

Basic $50/mo.
Professional $180/mo.
Enterprise $500/mo.

Closing Table features

Automatic Notifications
Document Storage
Permission Management

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Additional information for Closing Table

Key features of Closing Table

  • Online deal processing and storage system
  • Process and control multiple deals simultaneously
  • Organize and handle real estate deals
  • Customized with firm’s name
  • Multiple document upload
  • Central repository for storage and access of all documents
  • Deal security
  • Multiple permission levels
  • Digital signatures
  • Nested document folders
  • Audit trail
  • Online document negotiation, approvals, version histories
  • Email notifications
  • Contact list
  • Event calendar
  • Closing checklist
  • Multiple document formats
  • Remote document access
  • Version control
  • Document indexing
  • Document tagging
  • Archiving & retention
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Lawyers, real estate professionals and broker-dealers using Closing Table can close transactions more efficiently, and from any device that has internet access.

Users can link their Closing Table account to their firm’s website so that clients, employees and other authorized parties can easily access transaction documents and information.

The client and related users can only see the their own list of deals and information, and never those of any other clients.

Users can simply click on a deal from the deal list to quickly view information on all authorized users, events, and documents related to that particular deal.

Any document can be subject to approval by one, or more authorized users who may either approve, disapprove, make comments, or upload a revised version.