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Community by Diligent

Meeting & agenda management for local government & education

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Community by Diligent overview

Community by Diligent is a meeting and agenda management solution designed specifically for local government, public education, special districts, libraries, and other public sector organizations. The cloud-based solution aims to help users govern and manage their communities using the collaborative workspace and meeting scheduling tools. Designed to help public sector organizations manage key governance practices whilst also supporting communities, Community by Dilignet offers features such as calendar views, meeting scheduling, agenda management, document sharing, meeting minute logging, and more.

The meeting management tools within Community by Diligent allow users to schedule meetings and follow-ups, create and publish meeting agendas, and log meeting materials and minutes. Agendas can be outlined using the pre-built forms which allow users to input key details such as meeting name, date, time, duration, location, and more, and the platform also offers customizable agenda templates for recurring meetings. Documents and files can be attached to meeting agendas to provide council members, government members, clerks, and anyone else involved in the meeting with the necessary documentation. Community by Diligent can be accessed on any internet-enabled device in order to facilitate remote access and meeting attendance.


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Key features of Community by Diligent

  • Agenda Management
  • Library Management
  • Materials Management
  • Meeting Preparation Tools
  • Minutes Management
  • Parent/Student Portal
  • Post-Meeting Tools
  • Voting Management
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