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Crowdbase overview

Crowdbase is the single app you need to centralize, share and find your company's knowledge, all in one private and secure environment.

Whether you're looking to centralize articles, links, files or questions, Crowdbase will allow you to share in a breeze, find instantly, stay in the know, and more time!

You can also let knowledge come to you by connecting relevant RSS feeds, Twitter accounts and hashtags as well as web searches. Connecting all your knowledge sources at one place really ease the process of monitoring your industry, market, customers and competitors, and turns this process into a team effort.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, China and 7 other markets, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, French
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Crowdbase pricing

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30-day FREE trial, full version, unlimited users. We give trial extensions when needed.
Below are some of our standard plans, but tell us about your challenges and we will create a plan just for you.
100$/month for up to 10 users
250$/month for up to 25 users
450$/month for up to 50 users
800$/month for up to 100 users
1750$/month for up to 250 users
Discounts for 12/24 months up-front payments.

Crowdbase features


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Additional information for Crowdbase

Key features of Crowdbase

  • Centralize team knowledge
  • Ask questions, get the right answers
  • Organize content
  • Ask your team
  • Find anything
  • Help others
  • Create posts
  • Select the best answer
  • Share files
  • Create groups/topics
  • Monitor the web, only keep what matters
  • Highlight & annotate posts and links
  • Organize web links
  • Add comments
  • Follow RSS feeds
  • Post content while surfing the web
  • Track Twitter links
  • Receive custom digests
  • Monitor web results
  • Access your knowledge on the go. Anytime, everywhere.
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SAVE TIME and become more EFFICIENT by building a culture of knowledge and sharing. Fuel innovation. Monitor your market, your customers and your competitors.

Gather content that interests you, save what truly matters and share it with your team. Organize information into meaningful knowledge - all in one secure, private environment.

Collect articles, pages, blogs and tweets from multiple sources. Save and organize what is relevant. Identify untapped opportunities, do press reviews, stay up to date with your industry and keep a watchful eye on your competition.

Build a library of answers and improve business practices as you learn from your very own experts. Help your team be better at their job. Become more knowledgeable about your own organization.