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What is helps teams to communicate faster and build collaborative knowledge by sharing and discussing various forms of digital content within a secure, unified application. It combines the capabilities of collaboration tools like wikis, social networks, blogs, file sharing repositories, micro blogs, discussion boards and other communication applications into one secure enterprise platform. is designed to be used by businesses and institutions of all sizes. is an open source application and is available as free and commercially supported software as well as a hosted and managed on demand service.


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United States, Australia, Canada, China, India, United Kingdom

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The Community Edition is free and open source software that allows teams of any size to run their own server. On Demand is a cloud hosted service and is the quickest way to get your own site, without the hassles of having to set it up. On Premise Appliance is a software appliance that lets enterprises setup their own behind their corporate firewalls. features

Access Controls/Permissions
Collaboration Tools
Content Management
Document Management
Version Control

API (384 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (286 other apps)
Alerts/Notifications (395 other apps)
Commenting/Notes (276 other apps)
Communication Management (291 other apps)
Customizable Branding (270 other apps)
Data Import/Export (271 other apps)
Document Storage (353 other apps)
Drag & Drop (300 other apps)
File Sharing (374 other apps)
Mobile Access (297 other apps)
Search/Filter (483 other apps)
Task Management (303 other apps)
Third Party Integrations (359 other apps)
Workflow Management (275 other apps)

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Key features of

  • Collaboration: Wikis, blogs, discussions, microblogs
  • Document Management: File repositories with WebDAV access
  • Rich Media: Audio, Video, Image galleries
  • Shared event calendars, bookmark directories
  • Collaborative work Spaces with customizable dashboards
  • Activity streams with multi facet filtering with RSS feeds
  • Fine grained role based security, LDAP integration
  • Version control, Check-in check-out of content
  • Full text search engine, Live search
  • Clustering support
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The greatest factors differentiating your business from the rest are your PEOPLE & KNOWLEDGE helps you inter-connect them with 10x efficiency

Where is the pain?

Billions of dollars are invested annually in the management of structured data, using technologies like ERP, MIS, etc. However this information comprises of just 15% of the enterprise information landscape.

90% of all unstructured information remains unmanaged

Knowledge workers spend 30%-40% of their time every year managing documents

Businesses today spend an estimated $750 billion annually due to time spent by workers seeking information necessary to do their jobs

Unified Collaboration with is an enterprise collaboration software, that inter-connects your people with each other and their collective knowledge, seamlessly. unifies the capabilities of 3rd generation collaboration tools into a seamless platform, while integrating and interfacing with existing 1st/2nd generation tools

Unique advantages of

Unified user experience across applications
Common feature set & functionality
Unified content repository and search
Central access for employees, customers, partners

Intuitive interface
Web based access across platforms & devices
Cross OS desktop client for instant discussion & notifications
Integrates with various existing tools

GPLv3 based open source codebase
Plug-in based extensibility
Compliant with various open standards and formats
XML-RPC / REST RSS / Atom based APIs

Advanced role based security
Highly scalable with clustering support
Workflows and rules engines
Faceted search, navigation and retrieval
Integrated robust app & OODB server