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Collaborative decision making platform for product managers

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SensorSix overview

Decision Orchestrator is our online Collaborative Decision Making platform. It is possible to use it for any type of decision, but we have made templates focused on the following types of decisions:

Product Development

The product development module helps you structure your product development decision. We have templates to get you started whether you work agile or more traditional. See how much each product feature lifts the total value of your product and divide your development project into releases.

Portfolio Management

What projects, applications or products should you invest in given your company’s overall strategic priorities? With the portfolio management module you can get an overview of which projects provide the best tradeoffs between quality, cost and risk.

Supplier Selection

The perfect vendor or partner is elusive, but with the Supplier Selection module it becomes possible to spot them in the crowd. It will be clear just how much better the most expensive vendor is or you can filter out anyone not fulfilling your minimum requirements to reach a shortlist.


Bringing on a new candidate or a replacement is challenging. With the Recruitment module it is possible to spot the best candidate from his or her peers. You can tailor the profile and find out how much experience, chemistry and any other attribute should weigh in the final decision.


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SensorSix screenshot: A stacked bar showing the score of different projects on different different criteriaSensorSix screenshot: Cost allocator that optimizes your use of limited resourcesSensorSix screenshot: A survey where stakeholders can rate different product featuresSensorSix screenshot: A lift diagram showing the cumulative gain of product features

SensorSix reviews

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Rakesh Sharma

An Awesome App To Make Decisions

Reviewed 2013-08-29
Review Source: GetApp

Probably, the biggest reason to opt for the solution is its approach to decision-making. I liked that it broke down complex decision-making to specific, quantifiable decision points and establishes a process to make decisions. That you can do this using a single and simple solution is even more of an advantage because it integrates functionality and features from multiple solutions into a single comprehensive solution. I also liked that the solution combines qualitative and quantitative aspects of decision-making. Multiple roles and security permission only add to the solution’s attractiveness. This is because it enables you to reinvent and categorize inputs from multiple stakeholders for a decision.Converts complex business decision-making into a simple process

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Single $19 user/month
Basic $49 user/month
Enterprise $199 user/month

SensorSix features


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Additional information for SensorSix

Key features of SensorSix

  • Role Based Decision Input Through Online Surveys
  • Prioritisation Methods
  • Templates for Product Development Planning
  • Orchestration of Stakeholder Involvement
  • Templates for Agile Sprint Planning
  • Templates for Vendor Selection Decisions
  • Templates for Project Portfolio Planning
  • Analytics Module
  • Scenario Based Simulation
  • Integration to External Datasources
  • Easy Online Sharing of Results
  • Complete Excel based Import/Export
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No other application is as easy to use. There's no need of a big implementation project and an army of consultants. In no time you will be able to structure and optimise those big and hard decisions and solicit the right input from the right sources.