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DiliTrust Exec

Digitized board portal for paperless board meetings

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DiliTrust Exec overview

DiliTrust Exec is a digitized board solution for board and member management designed to enhanced the efficiency of board meetings and provide secure storage and access to related documents. Users can access the board portal from any device to view agendas, access board documents, collaborate with other board members, and share notes for all the boards and committees that they sit on.

In order to facilitate collaboration, DiliTrust Exec provides secure document upload and storage which can be accessed on demand in real time, and board members can add annotations and notes to share with others. Users can consolidate all of the boards that they sit on into one dashboard and access the board portal to view their agenda of upcoming events, communicate with other board members, and view news, books, and documents relating to their boards. Notifications alert users when documents are uploaded or commented on, and automatic archiving means that members can access all past board and committee meetings, reference documents, and reports using the advanced search functionality.

Debates and polls can also be set up to enable collaborative decision making without the need for an in-person meeting. For board chairmen, DiliTrust Exec can be used to organize meetings and send invites and notifications to board members, and the electronic signature capture tool facilitates the remote approval of documents by all members.


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DiliTrust Exec screenshot: The DiliTrust Exec dashboard provides an overview of announcements, activities, members, agendas, and more for all boards the user sits onDiliTrust Exec - Digital Board Portal for Board of Directors and Executive CommitteesDiliTrust Exec screenshot: Sticky notes and annotations can be added to documents to highlight talking points or proposed changesDiliTrust Exec screenshot: Board members can view latest activities, agendas, documents, and reports within DiliTrust ExecDiliTrust Exec screenshot: When viewing documents, users can highlight key points, add annotations, and more, and view other member's notes

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Michele Harvey


Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-03-28
Review Source: Capterra

What I like most is the time that I save to be able to do everything at a distance, without having to move. The proximity of people working on the same committees as me, the ability to see documents before the sessions greatly facilitates our workThe mobility, No matter where I am I can connect to my committee

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Pierre-Alain Lecointe

Used for 3 years for 3 boards

Used monthly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-06-29
Review Source: Capterra

Less paperwork, more securityEasy to use, high level of security, support of Apple, Android and Surface. Last minute document communication. Ability to work off-line. Free training.

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Gilbert Rodrigue

Adminstrator's comments

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2019-03-29
Review Source: Capterra

Very good. Saving time, compare to our "home made" process previously use to manage meetings.Easy to use. Most of the options are intuitive.

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DiliTrust Exec features

Collaboration Tools
Collaborative Workspace
Document Storage
SSL Security
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Key features of DiliTrust Exec

  • Member directory
  • Polls / voting
  • Teams management
  • Automatic backup
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Document storage
  • Event calendar
  • Full text search
  • Meeting management
  • Offline access
  • Project notes
  • Real time updates
  • Search functionality
  • Security & encryption
  • Data storage management
  • Document distribution
  • Event scheduling
  • Surveys & feedback
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Approval process control
  • Archiving & retention
  • Collaboration tools
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Add sticky notes and annotations to documents in order to collaborate on document versioning or flag issues to discuss in future meetings. Notes can be shared with other board members.

Upload documents and share them with all other board members with just the click of a button. Board members automatically receive a notification when new documents are uploaded or commented on.

Archive and backup all documents, notes, and reports automatically and store them within a searchable database so that they can be accessed at any time.

Access board documents, schedules, and more anywhere, anytime, with DiliTrust Exec’s offline mode, meaning board activities can be managed even in remote locations or without internet access.

Ensure all board data and communications are secure with DiliTrust Exec’s security standards including ISO 27001 certified servers and compliance management.