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What is Docassist?

Uplevl - formerly Docassist - delivers an on-demand, fully integrated suite of content, document and workflow management tools which provide organizations with the benefits of business process automation options and

Document Management- Capture, index, store and retrieve documents in a fully secure centralized repository. Use OCR and quick search functionality to easily locate and view content on-demand. Have the ability to quickly print, export and distribute files. Geographically dispersed team members can access, manage, store and share documents and files. Collaborate with document versioning and check-in/check-out features Supplement your transactions with notes, and establish an audit trail for all stored documents.

Smart Workflow- Simply and effectively route documents within your organization. Easily establish routing rules and give your team members the ability to interact with documents as they progress through an established workflow. Benefit from the efficiency’s you gain through the ability to prioritize and set up automatic notifications. Interface with any back office system and establish triggers for automated workflow. Provide management level reporting to identify any performance issues.


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Docassist features

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Additional information for Docassist

Key features of Docassist

  • Centrally located content for collaboration amongst users
  • Encrypted user & password access insures access rights
  • Enhanced level of disaster recovery & business continuity
  • Fully secure document repository, many levels of security
  • Intuitive easy to use interface ensures quick adoptability
  • Keeps audit history for instant, easy compliance
  • Locate & access to all documents or files via a web browser
  • Low-cost of ownership, on-demand model, rapid on-boarding
  • No expensive project-related software or hardware
  • Reduce costs associated with paper, office products, storage
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Uplevl's on-demand fully integrated suite of content, document and workflow management
tools provide organizations with tremendous efficiency gains and cost saving benefits from
the automation of your business processes . Our solution will seamlessly integrate to any of
your business systems, and we provide your users fully secure instant access to all of your
documents from anywhere at any time via a web browser