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Dropbox use case: Christina Mascaro

Christina Mascaro

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16th of January, 2017
Great for those who travel and use multiple computers

I travel frequently and used to do it by a portable hard drive. Portable hard drives go bad so fast, I was spending a hundred bucks every three years. This is amazing because you can use it offline as well. It's easy to use (in my opinion) and I think it has the best interface. I use 3 different computers, and it has a fail safe JUST in case you delete a file or perhaps saved wrong and have to go back to an earlier version.

What do you like best?

Up to date, fairly safe (but I don't keep bank statements on here), and has sharing links so when I upload a mega file and need to send to someone, I can bypass uploading and send a download link to a customer. I know it's accessible almost anywhere, and I can use it offline.

What do you dislike?

The only downside...is syncing. Sometimes there is a discrepancy between 2 computers, and instead of using the 'box' I have to go online and use the online portal rather than the installed portal on my computer.

Why did you end up selecting Dropbox over other applications?

Price and easy to use

What is your main use case with Dropbox?

File storage and file sharing with clients

Give one example how Dropbox has improved the way your organization functions

Visually able to see my files unlike some other clouds

What is your ROI?

Over 100%

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering Dropbox

I've used others: and this by far is the best for the price. I still am forced to use other online storage and sharing software because it's what others use, but I think this is more organized than competitors.

Time used

2+ years

Frequency of use


Rating breakdown

Value for money
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