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Dropbox use case: Nicola Sciascia

Nicola Sciascia

Verified Reviewer  
8th of December, 2016

Dropbox is an excellent service to storage and share data. Its capabilities are innumerable, you can read pdf and well read and edit Word or Excel files. You can also create shared folders and participate with others in the creation of such material to create projects.

What do you like best?

simple to use, multi-channel, it works well everywhere

What do you dislike?

not many, it's a sin is not completely free! :)

Why did you end up selecting Dropbox over other applications?

user friendly and multichannel

What is your main use case with Dropbox?

storage and collaboration

Give one example how Dropbox has improved the way your organization functions

exchange files

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It's mandatory, dropbox is the best storage service!

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