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Dropbox use case: Rafael Morales

Rafael Morales

Verified Reviewer  
1st of February, 2017
Simply put, the leader of the pack

We have been using Dropbox since the early days, and we are constantly amazed at the continued improvements over the years. For our business offices, Dropbox is an essential tool far daily tasks and communication with team members. Our workflow, electronic document management, and filing have improved in unmeasurable ways.

What do you like best?

Excellent mobile app with scanning and pdf generator Fast speed Syncing simultaneously across devices In-app document viewing

What do you dislike?

Can be a bit pricey for business account, but it's well worth it

Why did you end up selecting Dropbox over other applications?

Integration with Windows file system and compatibility and syncing across multiple devices and platforms

What is your main use case with Dropbox?

Business documents filing, transfer, storage

Give one example how Dropbox has improved the way your organization functions

Filing and storage of invoices can be done from a smartphone or desktop, this saves us from collecting paper

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering Dropbox

Highly recommend Dropbox over any of the competition. Been using it for years, never disappointed, and continuously coming up with newer and better features.

Time used

2+ years

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