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Evernote use case: Bryan Hoffpauir

Bryan Hoffpauir

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2nd of August, 2015
One of the few apps I recommend to everyone regardless of platform preferences

This app is by far the most important app in my day to day routine across my use of my MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, and shared work and public computers. It is how and why I am a productive knowledge worker. I only thought I understood productivity until I started using this app, and I used other note systems like OneNote, Wunderlist, etc before I began using Evernote.

What do you like best?

The app works consistently well across what I consider the core feature set in every platform - mobile tablet, mobile phone, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows.

What do you dislike?

Tagging, which I find critical to maximizing productive use of the app, requires ridiculous amounts of scrolling on mobile platforms. If they implemented tag search on mobile this would be a non-issue.

Why did you end up selecting Evernote over other applications?

Best cross-platform User Experience

If so, why did you switch?

Best cross platform, cross device UX

What is your main use case with Evernote?

Note taking, Web Clipping

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering Evernote

Be open minded to workflow improvements or reboots. I know we all would prefer if our apps adapted to our workflows, and for the longest time that is what kept me from embracing Evernote completely, but once I dove in and spent around 15-20 minutes of googling to research how to optimize my workflows using Evernote, I increased my productivity by a factor of at least 10X (I feel like it's more like 20-30X but I get so many looks of incredulity and demands for hard data when I say the higher levels that I have just quit and stick with 10X)...

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2+ years

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