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Evernote use case: Alec Pinkham

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6th of September, 2016
Great app - hands down one of the best note-takers out there

I've worked with many different options for note-taking and idea saving. Evernote is still my favorite. With a simple hierarchy that's easy to understand (Notebooks then Notes) it's powerful and allows for extra hierarchy (Parent/child notebooks). It offers everything you need to search (e.g., tagging) as well as providing a clean rich-text interface for notes. I've used OneNote most extensively as a competitor and was quite happy with it for a long time, but the interface is a little clunkier and I found the sharing to be a few additional steps. I went back to Evernote when I started my latest position (no longer at a Microsoft house).

What do you like best?

+ Simple, clean note-taking interface + Search-ability and tagging + Device support and usability on mobile + Storage

What do you dislike?

- Finite hierarchy - I often find I'm one level short of what I want

Why did you end up selecting Evernote over other applications?

Hierarchy and setup was easier on Evernote. The mobile experience was much better as well

If so, why did you switch?

Was looking for a cleaner interface with more search ability.

What is your main use case with Evernote?

Note-taking and ideation

What is your ROI?

Free-tier user

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering Evernote

Try OneNote as well, everyone's different. If you're not a heavy Microsoft user (for work) then Evernote will be an easy choice. If you are you'll have to weigh the pros of staying in the Microsoft environment.

Time used

2+ years

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