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Evernote use case: Shelle Pourmanafzadehardabili

Shelle Pourmanafzadehardabili

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10th of October, 2016
Even though it is not perfect, it is a great tool

I love Evernote and have been using for years. There are a few glitches (the clipper doesn't always work well) but it is so convenient and has replaced what used to be multiple sticky notes on my monitor and desk.

What do you like best?

- Easy to use - Easy to share - Notebooks, tags make it very easy to come back to items later - Notebooks make it easy to share ideas and thoughts on particular subjects

What do you dislike?

- I hate the Mac app - after reinstalling several times, I simply use the web version now (locking up, taking up disk space, etc.)

Why did you end up selecting Evernote over other applications?

There isn't really anything else like it...

What is your main use case with Evernote?

Saving ideas, tutorials and research I want to read later or share with others.

Give one example how Evernote has improved the way your organization functions

I can clip ideas for clients and share a notebook with them and save and tag research links I know I will want to look at in the future.

What is your ROI?

I purchased Evernote as a tool and have not done a formal ROI.

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering Evernote

Again, with a free version, definitely try it! I used the free version for about a year before really finding a groove of how to best use daily, get email out of my box for things I wanted to deal with later, check in with tags for now, soon, later, in progress, etc. and needing the premium version.

Time used

2+ years

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