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Activity stream, spaces, roles & add ons in eXo

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Patrice (eXo Platform)

Jimmy: In this video, you’ll learn about the various features, like the Activity Streams, Spaces, Roles and Add-ons in eXo.

Patrice: Okay. On a, If you want to find, if you’re looking for a ready to use connector, I advise you to go back to the eXo Tribe and click on the Add-ons menu here. It’s an add-on catalogue of all the extra features that you can find, so an add-on in eXo can be a new application or it can be integration with the service like, Google drive or let’s say we also have integration we use Microsoft exchange. So those are downloads, things that you can download and with the deluxe version eXo, you can, as an administrator you can really install them with just a command line it will automatically download and install on the server.

Jimmy: Okay.

Patrice: Okay. So, to find new features, new connectors, you go to the add-ons center.

Jimmy: Okay

Patrice: And then, okay so, the core features inside eXo, are already providing all you need for collaborating. Okay, so let me walk you through this section MySpace is here. So the spaces, it’s the name in eXo for committees, internal committees. So you can make groups, groups of interest, groups of skills, groups of persons, or projects or organizational groups

Jimmy: Okay

Patrice: That goes to spaces

Jimmy: Okay. So this can be departments, this can be maybe you know managers?

Patrice: Exactly.

Jimmy: Okay

Patrice: Some companies they can map, they map this into their internal organization, it’s not the best way to do it but sometimes, you know you really have to do this. Let me go with another account, this is my account, let’s say, at least, let’s say I am working with ACME, and my role at ACME is a project manager. And I have, one of my missions is, I have to make the software from it, from the ACME Company. So I’m part of different groups, and because I have to interview almost everybody in the company they invited me into different spaces, you know, they own the sales team, here has granted me access to their space, the human resources, also the marketing and so on. But, I have also created my own space for my project, where I have put a lot of resources. I will come into more details about this. So you see this is the project, the all forms of all organizational, it’s still remains a space in eXo, but, you can use it differently.

Jimmy: Okay so.

Patrice: On the right hand. Oh so sorry, go ahead Jimmy.

Jimmy: No. no. keep going, keep going.

Patrice: On the right hand side, you will find information that eXo pushes to you, like news, like your agenda for today, your meeting and invitations, invitations from colleagues that wants to connect with you in the social network. So like I said, the social network is important component. When people are connected to you, they will see and you will see what everybody is doing. I will see what you are doing, and you will what I am doing, through this activity stream. The big part in the middle is the activity stream.

In the activity stream what you can find is information about what people are sharing, like, I’m like doing a demo with Jimmy and I want to make sure that Mary gets a copy of this message, so I’m going to mention her like this and share it. And it’s going to be sent in my activity stream and if Mary or anybody that is connected to me, will receive this, in their, home page, the very exact same place.

Jimmy: Okay.

Patrice: But, every time I’ll be doing something else in eXo, like, we’re hosting a document in a documents area, or asking a question in a forum, and so on. There will be another activity, so you see here, it’s a topic from the forum, Mary has busted Paul here and John and Mary have posted documents different reports and so on. Even meetings are presented in the activity stream.

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