Adding & grouping users in eXo

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Adding & grouping users in eXo

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Patrice (eXo Platform)

Jimmy: In this video, you’ll learn how to add and group users in eXo.

Patrice: The connections are the people that I have in my network, if you want. So here, you can see all the members of this tiny company that’s just six persons. But my connections are just two of them. John and Mary are my only connections. I will probably very soon ask to connect with the Web designer because I need to work with him because I’m in charge of the social Intranet and so on. So when I‘m doing this, I’m sending him a connection request that he will have to accept so that we can follow each other through the activity stream, all right?

Jimmy: Right.

Patrice: So that’s the Connection Directory. By default, you will find a directory that is populated to empty. But if you connect eXo to an internal directory like an active directory and all that directory, we can connect and populate any number of users in there.

Jimmy: So what do you suggest that...What would be the easiest way to...Let’s say, there’s a company between 50 and 500 people. What’s the easiest way to begin using eXo and invite everyone that is...Let’s say they’re just using Gmail that there is no directory. What would be the easiest way?

Patrice: The easiest way is probably going through...Okay. We’ll provide some APIs that will help your developers to...if you want to populate in mass. But if it’s a workable number, you will probably be able to add them easily with the Administrative Interface that I’m going to show in a second like this. This way, Add User, adding users with this simple interface. And then you register all them manually this way. It’s possible to invite also by email. We have such a gadget on the homepage of the community. It’s not in my demo, but I’m going to show it. Again, just like this to send an email and invite the person to join your Intranet so that’s something that we have in the cloud and we have in the community. But I don’t have anything like that. Okay. So they will receive an email, click on the link, and fill a password. And then they will be in.

Jimmy: Okay. Is there a way to, let’s say, send out one mass email maybe with a link to our eXo has hosted and have them create their own account there?

Patrice: Not without doing custom development or doing this in other core features currently. Through the APIs, it should be pretty straightforward and motivated theme. And if someone wants to build this probably, very welcome. And you will find some help on the Tribe, on the eXo Tribe. And we have some very active support forums. Any developers that want to working on adding new features on their own, they should probably go straight on to the Software Forums, ask the question. And couple of hours usually, you get an answer because all the developers around the world are in this community. Also, all the engineering teams of eXo place are in there so it’s pretty reactive on getting to do something like that.

And if you don’t have a developer and you don’t have resources, please just let me know. By clicking on this Feature Request button here, you can send your feature requests like this. And let me know what you want to see in eXo in the future. So there are a lot of requests coming up like this. And it’s very important for me as all this manager but for us as a community to understand what we see and what we should act.

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