Benefits of eXo to an enterprise

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Benefits of eXo to an enterprise

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Patrice (eXo Platform)

Jimmy: In this video, you’ll learn why the enterprise is using eXo.

Patrice: eXo is an enterprise software platform so this is enterprise software. So you probably have heard a lot about Enterprise Software Network these days and how they are the Facebook for enterprises. Well, Enterprise Software Network is one of the component of eXo because it’s a software collaboration platform. It would better describe what it does so it takes care of collaboration in the enterprise context. So eXo is an enterprise solution because it has been there for many years and dealing with large enterprises in public sector, banking, and so big industries with a very complex IT need. So we can manage integration of eXo into a company IT very easily.

With Supports Open Standards, we are able to integrate into the workflow of the end-users. So this is a software that is going to speak to the end-users. Hope I will show you that it’s pretty easy to use out of the box. And it’s also going to be appealing to IT managers because it’s very easy to integrate. Thank to a lot of standard support.

Jimmy: Okay. And what are some of those benefits that you find that your users have by using eXo?

Patrice: Okay. So by using eXo, it’s mainly being used as a social Intranet solution. It can also use it for managing an online community. But the benefits will be better communication among the employees of the company when it’s used in an Intranet. And it will be better productivity, a better sharing of knowledge between the employees. And it’s kind of breaking the classic silos, enterprise silos that you have, information silos that you have in enterprise. So it’s helping on this aspect.

Jimmy: So this is something that...Let’s say like you mentioned, a bank. A banking uses this to connect all of its employees across all of its branches, customer facing, and then the more internal employees. So we can connect all of these people to this platform, but we can also let’s say, do customer service with our end-users. Am I going on the right track here?

Patrice: Exactly. That’s perfectly right. You can use it as an internal platform, internal facing, or external facing can extend your internal community to your community of customers or your partners. So it will be more used like an extranet or maybe an open community like we are doing ourselves. We’re an open source project so we have a lot of developers using eXo on a website that we call the eXo Tribe. And I’m showing it right now. And in the eXo Tribe, there are lots of members, 40,000 members, finding information about eXo, the product they have. There are support forums, documentation, lots and lots of resources. And everybody can sign up to this website pretty easily just with a software network account like this so it’s public. It’s open. Anybody can sign in so we are connected with our communities with this website. And this website is actually using the eXo Platform so it’s also good demonstration of what eXo Platform is a software.

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