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Communication & permission inside eXo forums

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Patrice (eXo Platform)

Jimmy: In this, video you’ll learn how to communicate with your team inside of the eXo Forums.

Patrice: Now, let’s go to the forum. So a forum is an old but so popular way to communicate. And it’s very valuable in a company. Recently, the feeds, the activity feeds, Activity Stream paradigm is kind of replacing the forum. But in eXo, when you post something in the forum, you will be able to view it in the Activity Stream. And you can decide to work from the forum or from the Activity Stream. Let me show you. Here, it’s a topic posted by me and in public discussions in a forum. I know it because of this icon here and because there is an excerpts. And I have also quick actions. That’s an important aspect. All the activities you find in the Activity Stream are actionable with shortcut actions depending on the type of content.

So typically on the forum, it’s made to discuss so the relevant actions to take or to reply. But maybe probably on another type of document, like a wiki page will be to look at the change or go to the document or view, preview the document like this or download it, okay? So that what I say...I call actionable activities. So I can just click on the link. And I will be able to reply directly to the post.

Jimmy: All right. It will forward you straight to where the...

Patrice: Exactly. It’s forwarding me to the public discussions space into the right forum. And I can see that there is a discussion here started by me and by Patrice. And now as John, I’m replying. And I can also see that there is a poll attached. So in the forum, you can attach a poll to a topic. This component, the Forum component is really full-featured. You can have a lot of collaboration. You can watch. You can bookmark items. You can be notified by RSS or by email. By watching, you can rate. And there is a lot of moderation option so it’s really full-featured. You can decide who can view, who can create what. Let me bring you to the homepage of the forums. You can create as many categories as you want as many forums as you want. Forums for spaces are created automatically. And you can have censoring. You can manage pruning all content. You can ban IPs. This is really something very complete that you can use to work on a public forum for moderation.

When I’m creating...Let’s say I’m creating a category. I can really decide who is going to moderate it, who is going to be allowed to start topics in there, to reply, and to view. I have a full control on the permissions. And that’s why this is telling you that eXo is also an enterprise platform because permission management is really key in the enterprise. As much as we would like make the information to be accessible, there are always needs in the enterprise before restricting sensitive information and moderating things. So this is something very highly demanding in enterprise complex. And it’s all built-in in eXo from the beginning.

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