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Content management & collaborative workflow with eXo

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Patrice (eXo Platform)

Jimmy: In this video, you’ll learn about the Content Management and Collaborative Workflow features of eXo.

Jimmy: Okay, let’s see. What are the things did I miss from our walkthrough? You know, this has been very, very interesting to see all these features then.

Patrice: There is one thing that is very often requested. So I have to show it because it’s not...When you open eXo out of the box, it’s not obvious that it’s there. But there is one component that is the Web content management component that is also very advanced in eXo. But it’s not showcased a lot, except in this demonstration. Here, I have created a page, simple page as an administrator. And I have placed a content here. There are two blocks. You see these two blocks?

Jimmy: Yeah.

Patrice: They have been created by editing very easily the layout of eXo. And here, I have in fact two blocks. You see these two blocks and use the RSS. Those are two applications coming with eXo. We provide a large catalogue of application so you can add your own...some other application there. It can be simple gadgets like this one, this tiny gadget or more advanced like the wiki is a full application. So we don’t make any difference on what the application is doing. And then you can customize. So on the left hand side, I have created...One of the component is a component from the content management. So every content you can see here is an article that is created in the back office that is exists in eXo. And that is published and it has a publication workflow associated to it. So to make it simple, I’m just going to go on this article that is talking about building a social Intranet. I’m going to try to fix this image that is broken.

For this, I’m going to edit, switch to a content edit mode like this. And I have different possibilities. If I want just to do a small fix, I’m just going to use and edit it in the frontend. And here, I’m able to edit my content and make sure that this is put in red because it’s important and I like ugly things. And I’m going just to switch it like this. And with this click on this little Publish button up there, my article, is instantly published to all the members and published to everybody, okay? But if I want to do probably something more in the back office because I want to have access more tools than just editing the content, I’m going to click this button. And here, I have access to...I’m still in eXo, but I’m in the Web Contributing Area of the Web Component. And here, I can do more advanced things like putting my content in different categories, okay? I have no category by default, but I can create new Category Trees. I can tag both. I can translate it. And I can, of course, edit and furnish. So I’m going to fix it by removing – that’s easier – and save it.

And here, I want to show you that there is a full publication on workflow implemented out of the box in eXo. My content has just been saved as draft. It has different states. And depending on my role in eXo, I will be able to move this document into the different steps of our Publication Workflow. So this is the built-in Publication Workflow in eXo. And of course, you can add your own workflow. This is developer work currently, but it’s very flexible. You can really implement your own...

Jimmy: But you can add. Then that’s...

Patrice: So just click on Publish and it’s published.

Jimmy: So you can add your own steps in this flow and customize it.

Patrice: Exactly. So in this example, I have only worked with a simple Web content. But your team, your Intranet team, will be able to create maybe different types of contents. So I was using probably the Web content, but I can create accessible media. I can create maybe some more specific like an announcement content and so on. And this list can be extended by your developers, too. So we have another add-on that is used to demonstrate the Web component. This add-on is called Acme. And it’s shipped out of the box with the product so it’s very easy to try. And we demonstrate some example, extra example, like doing your product sheet, your Product Feature and Benefits datasheet, and so on in the Web Component content management in eXo.

Jimmy: This is great. This is definitely full-featured and can really bring together a team. You know, I think that’s one of the best that I’ve learned that up until now that there are those kind of, let’s say, more traditional features that we understand from social network. But then we have so many more robust features like this, like this Content Editor. This is great.

Patrice: Yes. So just to show you that Web Content Management is actually plugged out of the box in eXo, I’m going to do something ugly again but never mind. And I’m going to go back. And here, my content has been added on top. Very easy, you see?

Jimmy: Right.

Patrice: So I can make an announcement and say that maybe we’re going to have a downtime or we’re going to organize a company party. And then just there, you have to edit and double click to change it to something else.

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