Creating groups + adding applications to a group in eXo

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Creating groups + adding applications to a group in eXo

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Patrice (eXo Platform)

Jimmy: In this video, you’ll learn how to create groups and add applications to a group in eXo.

Patrice: I’m going to start with the social Intranet. It’s a good example. So when you enter in such group, you will see that the name of the group appears on the top left here. And you have a secondary menu on top which is the applications that are made available in this group. A default out of the box in eXo, you will find the same applications that you also find on the left-hand side here. But this time, they will be really focused into this group, meaning that the activity stream of this group is only visible to the members of this group. Same, the forums of this space are only visible to the member of this space and so on. So that’s the same applications, but seen from the perspective of only this group.

Jimmy: How do you create a group if we can take this one step back?

Patrice: Yes. If I go to my spaces here, I will have access to a directory of all my spaces. I can find more spaces in this company. Okay. This is a demo. I have only six spaces created for this demo, but I can create a new one like this. I’m just adding a new space in a couple of click. And I can say that I’m working on something like gathering demo of material. And that will be docs, charts, and data for demo. And I probably want this space to be visible to any employees and available to any employee so I will make it open. I can decide that I want to make it hidden and decide how I want to handle membership.

And from there, I’m going to create a new space. And it’s there, demo material. You see it. Instantly, I’m inside the space. You see all the applications have been populated. But probably here, I’m not going to need the Answers and FAQ module so I will go to the Space Settings. And I see all the applications that are already applied by default, but I don’t this. And I’m going just to remove it like this.

Jimmy: Okay. And all of these applications, we can add more as we’ve added them to our account. Correct?

Patrice: Yes. So it depends how you integrate that. It means that we provide in the Add-on some additional applications. So that’s one way to add more applications. But maybe your developers will want also to develop applications integrated to your existing ones so...And actually, that’s what the sales team has done. You know, a sales team, it’s nice for them to have a forum to ask questions, to have a wiki to store some knowledge, and so on. But they spend most of the time of the day working in a CRM. They talk about deals, about customers, about accounts, and about opportunities, and so on.

So probably, what could make more sense for them is to have an integration to their home-made CRM through a manual like this one. That would be their own CRM. This is just demo. That would be an example of integrating a demo. But there, we can imagine that they would do things like importing deals creating D Rooms in the Intranet where they will pull industry experts from the company to help them to win the deals and so on. So even if they work in another application, that application would reflect some activity into eXo, maybe in the Space Activity, in the Activity Stream here. And then we’ll help them. We connect them to do with couple companies.

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