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Customer facing support forum in eXo

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Patrice (eXo Platform)

Jimmy: In this video, you’ll learn how to use eXo as a customer-facing support forum.

Patrice: When you download eXo and you install it, it’s designed and it looks like a social Intranet. Everything is made to...So that’s the collaboration workflows that I have shown. But if you want to go into more specific scenarios like you want to offer a website for doing customer supports, you will probably enable the forums, not made the forums available publicly. So how would you do this? As an administrator, I will simply edit the permissions of the page like this. So I’m looking at my page here. And it’s my forum page. There is not much on this page except the Forum App here. But I can, in a click, decide that I will change the permissions. I’m lucky. It’s public already, but I can decide it might be accessible only to some other internal employees.

So I’m going to make it public. And then people that will not necessarily be members of the company will be able to have access to some content in this forum. And they will have access to the page. And then eXo will make will the filtering on the content in the forums based on their permissions. That’s what is happening if you go to the eXo Community website and you go to the Support Forum even if you’re not a member. Just go there and you log out. And you go to the forum here. It’s a public page. And I’m not logged. When I have access to all the information posted all the community members, so that’s how we would do maybe your customer support. So you will have some employee that will log internally and have maybe access to the moderation options. And the rest of the world will have access to only reading the content.

Jimmy: If I wanted to allow someone to post, would that...

Patrice: You can do this with a permission as I’ve shown. Let’s say that you want to authorize someone to post in this forum. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to edit this forum and say that I want to add maybe Mary because I know this user.

Jimmy: Do we have to add each individual or can...Let’s say this was a public facing customer support forum. Would they be able to register as a user on their own?

Patrice: It depends if you have activated this. There is an app in eXo that’s provided that allows to self-register. It looks very much close to the screen that I’ve shown here. It’s not exactly customized, but it looks like this.

Jimmy: Right. This is great. So we can send this to our users and have themselves create their own accounts. And that way, they’ll be able to have access.

Patrice: Exactly.

Jimmy: Wonderful.

Patrice: You see the reason why we are using eXo on our community website is also to demonstrate that you can, of course, eXo as an Intranet platform. Everybody understands that, understand what it is. But it’s also completely customizable. And one of the scenario that is very easy to go to implement with eXo with just a few UI and not necessarily a lot of development investment is the managing an online community. So things like doing customer support on a website is one of the possibilities that are, let’s say, almost native. They are native possibilities. You just have to switch a few permission options.

Jimmy: Okay. And making...For people who already have large followings, this is very easy to be able to send out an email to everyone and invite them to join and create their own accounts.

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