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Document management & permissions in eXo

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Patrice (eXo Platform)

Jimmy: In this video, you’ll learn about document management and permissions in eXo.

Jimmy: Okay. And jumping forward, what is the Documents Section beneath that? What can we do there?

Patrice: So the Document Section is the document management component that exists in eXo. So in eXo, you can upload any...In the social Intranet, we have uploaded the presentation that was done recently or maybe a quotation that you received recently from a vendor or anything.

Jimmy: All these documents in the example, eXo, when it’s hosted on your cloud account, what is kind of the space that we have to work with for...

Patrice: We’re going to start with one gigabytes per user.

Jimmy: Okay.

Patrice: That’s the minimum.

Jimmy: Okay, and then when we self-host, I imagine that it’s just whatever we have.

Patrice: Exactly.

Jimmy: Okay.

Patrice: As long as you have a disk space storage, you can do whatever you want without limitation.

Jimmy: Exactly, great.

Patrice: Uploading a document is really something classically, you will just take some documents and drag and drop them. And they will upload and display a preview like these. What is important to notice is that once I have uploaded my documents, they will be notified in the Activity Stream like this. So there is an activity published on my behalf. I’m John Smith currently. And I’m publishing this document, these PDFs, and these nice charts and reports on the Activity Stream so that my co-workers can tell me if they like it or they can comment.

Jimmy: Okay. So with this, I imagine that because this is a group, everything that was just shared is only available to the people in the group.

Patrice: Exactly.

Jimmy: Well, depending on the security settings.

Patrice: Exactly. It depends on the security settings. But basically, what happens in...A space remains in the space. Of course, you can if you decide for a specific share folder, maybe like let’s say, a top secret folder. You can decide that you will create special permissions only for this folder and decide that no, not all members will have access. But maybe only, let’s say, the top management will have access to these documents. And so you are making a top secret folder that will be accessible and viewable only by your top managements according to the permissions that I have just set.

Jimmy: Right.

Patrice: Okay. So I can see this in the Activity Stream. But if I’m not in this Executive Board Group, I will not be able to view the content.

Jimmy: Okay. So what about the forums? What could we find within the forums?

Patrice: Okay, the forums. Just to finish with the documents, I’ve shown only basic working with these. There are a lot of possible actions in there. And it’s very extensible. And it’s as everything you find in an enterprise content management like versioning, metadata, and so on. It’s pretty advance. It’s dynamic. You can have custom workflows, validation workflows implemented, and so on. So we don’t have time to cover all of these, but we just scratched the surface. It’s one of the most advanced component, in fact, document management in eXo.

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