Info about the cloud or self hosted eXo versions

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Info about the cloud or self hosted eXo versions

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Patrice (eXo Platform)

Jimmy: In this video, you’ll learn about the cloud and self-hosted versions of eXo.

Patrice: But if you want to make your own social Intranet, you will probably want to have something more private and not on this website, then you have options. You can use the cloud version of eXo that we host to go next. So for this, we just require you to give you your professional email and create. And by doing this in like five minutes, we will automatically create an area for you on our cloud platform for your company. And then you can invite all your colleagues. That’s when you are ready to work on your private social Intranet hosted by eXo. But a lot of our customers are choosing the other way is using eXo as an enterprise service that they install by themselves on their server. So that’s the second option.

You have to download eXo and though through it’s like a 500 or 200 megabytes download, a bit more, I think. And then you go to the install instructions behind this link so it’s enterprise software. It’s Java software so we have these system requirements. You need to install Java virtual machine. And we can give you some information about which those are an operating system we recommend. It’s telling you it’s really just a matter of unzipping your file and starting a command line, eXo in command line, okay? So that will be the two possible ways to get started on your own with eXo.

Jimmy: All right. After we install them on our server or whether we choose to take advantage of your cloud-hosted option, what’s the first thing that we’re going to see as a new user?

Patrice: Okay. So as a new user, it will probably look, not exactly like this, but pretty similar to this. And this screen, I’m showing you a demo of eXo that is running on my computer. We have put some data on it. It’s a fictive company I will call Acme with data so that’s not exactly what you’re going to see. But it’s probably going to look similar to this, okay?

Jimmy: Yes. So we can customize the look, the feel, the colors.

Patrice: Yes, you can. You can customize the look and feel of colors. So you see, what I’m showing here is a fictive company and Intranet. And it looks really close to what I’ve shown before in the community here. It looks pretty similar. But it’s because the eXo community is a showcase, but you can decide to customize entirely the layout, the look and feel, and so on. So we provide several options for doing this. You can simply...With a few clicks, as an administrator, I’m going to log in back as an administrator just to give you this demonstration.

Jimmy: So this is what we would be seeing as an admin of our eXo account.

Patrice: Exactly. I’m John Smith. I’m an administrator of the eXo social Intranet. And this is my homepage. It’s similar to the homepage of the other users except that I have this Administration menu here. And it’s giving me access to a lot of functional deal like adding users, managing the applications that are deployed in eXo, managing content because eXo provides a Web content management component and so on. If you do a very simple branding like changing your logo, you go to this part. And you can change the logo by...your company logo here and then maybe change the theme of the bar on top. So that’s very simple customization. If you want to go further with more colors and more fancy things, we have instructions on our Developer Documentation on how you can customize with simple CSS. It’s there so that’s Web development.

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