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Main app navigation menu in eXo

Video Transcript

Speakers in this video: Jimmy (GetApp) and Patrice (eXo Platform)

Jimmy: In this video, you’ll learn how to navigate the main eXo menu.

Jimmy: Okay. Can we walk through exactly that left-hand column and these options under the Home button?

Patrice: Absolutely.

Jimmy: Or maybe direct [0:00:20] here in this homepage, what can I see in each column that we’re looking at right now?

Patrice: Okay. So on the left-hand side, you see I have all...What you have to understand on eXo first is that philosophy of the user interface of eXo is to place the end-user in personalized user-centered environment, something that looks at him. And that is showing him other users and that is showing him things that he cares. But we have to provide some organization for it. So on the left-hand side, we’ll find all...It’s a menu in their company. It’s a menu of all the built-in applications that are provided with eXo from connections to wikis to documents, forums, and your calendar. Those are all the built-in applications provided with eXo out of the box.

But you can add more menus and even integrate with internal applications. So let’s say that Acme had a Home-made Expense Reports application. So we provide the lead to this application. And we can imagine that they have done some more advanced integration like single sign on and that kind of things that are possible thing to capabilities of eXo. Acme has decided that they have provided also a new section on their website on their Intranet for their employees. But they have company news and feeder, let’s say, of their blog. That’s actually eXo document. So these are two menus that had been added by an administration very easy in addition.

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