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Elegant and secure file sharing for businesses

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Ftopia Feature Summary

  • Virtual data rooms with separate access
  • Delegated administration
  • Group permissions
  • Granular access rights
  • View-only mode
  • Custom branding - use your company logo and images
  • Hybrid cloud storage
  • Public rooms
  • Full versioning never lets you overwrite existing files
  • Online file preview
  • Mobile app for Android
  • Desktop synchronization
  • Activity audit - overview of all operations
  • Recover deleted files
  • Check-in/Check-out - protect documents from being edited
  • Document tagging - alternative way of organizing the files
  • Public shared links
  • Archived rooms - freeze rooms for archiving purposes
  • Email alerts
  • Bulk upload

Ftopia Features In Depth

Advanced Visual Customization

Visual consistency is one branding tenet that Ftopia respects and recognizes. The software gives businesses the freedom to customize the visual look and feel of their workspaces by allowing them to upload their logos, and use their company images and colors. This applies to both the web pages for public download and the users’ workspace headers.

Customization can be done via the Account Settings panel from the menu on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Manipulable settings are the account logo, header color, header background, the login page, public download links, tiles in the room list, and header settings at the room level, among others. The .jpg image uploaded for the custom login page will automatically be resized to fit the dimensions of any browser window.

Public and Private Rooms

To ensure file security and integrity are upheld at all times, rooms are private by default, which means that only invited guests can access them. But ftopia provides multiple ways to share files publicly, through download links and public rooms. Public rooms are an easy way to publish file-based information on the web, while enforcing the visual identity of the company. Although not set by default, passwords can also be created for public rooms, enabling sharing of semi-confidential information.

To change the room access settings, click on the room you’d like to work with, then on the Settings icon on the page’s bottom left, and then click on Access Settings. From there, you should already be able to toggle the Enable Sharing Links option on or off, and designate the room’s privacy setting. Links can be made to stay available for at least an hour, a week or month, even forever.

Simple and Advanced Permissions

To further secure the files your team works with without hampering information flow, ftopia administrators can create role-based assignments based on users’ positions or job functions, or any other criteria you deem appropriate. This means permissions to upload, download and edit the content of your rooms can be restricted to authorized users and groups, while others can only view the same set of files.

To do this, from the Admin dashboard’s menu on the upper right-hand corner, click on Manage Users and select the user whose access credentials you’d like to edit. The Room Permissions tab has four assignments to choose from: manage, contribute, download, and view. The same user can also be assigned to a group under the Manage Groups tab, where he/she automatically inherits the permissions designated to the said group.

When first creating a room, you’ll be prompted to categorize the room under Simple Sharing or Advanced Sharing. To assign permissions up to the folder level, choose the latter.

Full Traceability

Because the contents of your rooms matter to your projects and the business overall, it’s prudent to keep tabs on the way the rooms are being used. Detailed room and activity reports can be viewed via the Account Activity Reports page from the administrator panel’s main menu, under Dashboard.

The Room Report page contains account storage information such as total storage, the room's storage
allocation, and how much is currently in use. It also details the total number of users and managers for each of your rooms. The Activity Audit window is where you see a summary of all the operations performed by the rooms’ users. Filters can be applied, and the activities can then be viewed according to file, folder, room, user, account, and time period.

It's worth noting that an audit isn't just about file transfers. It also makes visible all the operations performed by users, such as changing the sharing settings of a room. As such, it's an important component of making it easy for business users to share files and documents without requiring assistance from IT teams. Business users are empowered, but their activity is tracked so that in case of an issue, its cause can easily be understood. This is precisely one way ftopia is different from other consumer apps.

Windows and Mac Synchronization

One powerful and clever functionality ftopia possesses is its folder sync feature that allows your computer (Windows or Mac) to share files and documents from its local folders. The moment your computer’s files or folders are mapped to ftopia rooms, they can be worked on and edited without manually synchronizing them, even in the absence of an Internet connection.

Modified files and documents are automatically synced in data rooms upon login, available for access and viewing by room members. Users have the option to identify which folders they want automatically synced and which ones can only be accessed online.

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Ftopia Feature Reviews

3 reviewers had the following to say about Ftopia's features:

President ( company, 1-10 employees)
Verified Reviewer

ftopia simply and securely works


At the end of the day, the app's top-notch security is what really matters to me.


Intuitive interface and top-notch security

Source: GetApp
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Anna Rozenfelde

Verified Reviewer

Work with Ftopia


We apply corporate branding to the rooms and the whole process is very easy!

Source: GetApp
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Martin Boze

Verified Reviewer

Promising alternative to other file sharing services


It could use a little more features, but now it pretty much does everything I expect a file sharing service to do.


The look and feel is great - Ftopia feels pretty lightweight and straight forward to use. I also like the possibility to assign different roles to people I share stuff with so I always know who sees what. Also, the pricing is quite flexible.


It would be nice to have the ability to have a custom expiration date for public links. Some icons don't look clear enough as to what they're meant for. It would also be cool to have Ftopia's own context menu pop up on right mouse button click.

Source: GetApp
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