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GlobalBoards overview

What is GlobalBoards?

GlobalBoards is a mobile board management portal which integrates fully with Corporatek’s EnGlobe entity management corporate governance software. With features designed specifically for subsidiary governance, GlobalBoards gives users a holistic view of all boards and meetings for both groups and individuals. To enhance communication between board members, GlobalBoards provides users with centralized access to all board-related documents and other key corporate information.

With GlobalBoards, users can view upcoming meetings and events, accept or reject meeting invitations, plus comment on and annotate board documents online. Users can also share document comments, access secure data rooms, and view corporate datasheets and board member profiles. Other GlobalBoards features allow users to review board meeting agendas, view interactive securities and holding graphs, and respond to board and management surveys. GlobalBoards allows users to connect with other board members easily through video conferencing, text messaging or email.

EnGlobe integration allows users to prepare meeting documents, plus create agendas, surveys and data rooms automatically. To streamline meeting preparation, GlobalBoards lets users produce board materials within EnGlobe, then push the information to GlobalBoards’ iPad mobile board portal. The native iPad app gives users the flexibility to manage board materials anytime, anywhere. GlobalBoards offers a solution for any business requiring a secure, mobile collaboration platform; be it large corporations or other private or public bodies.


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GlobalBoards screenshot: Sign in securely with user ID and passwordGlobalBoards screenshot: Connect with other board members via video conferencing, text messaging or emailGlobalBoards screenshot: Gain centralized access to basic information such as head office address

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GlobalBoards features

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Additional information for GlobalBoards

Key features of GlobalBoards

  • Member directory
  • Polls / voting
  • Minutes management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Approval process management
  • Electronic signature
  • Meeting invitations
  • Board document comments
  • Board document annotation
  • Secure data room access
  • Video conferencing
  • Offline mode
  • Meeting management
  • Event management
  • Corporate datasheets
  • Board member profiles
  • Board meeting agendas
  • Communication management
  • Interactive securities
  • Holding graphs
  • Board & management survey feedback
  • Data download
  • EnGlobe integration
  • Mobile board portal
  • Company information management
  • Automated workflow
  • Task generation
  • Corporate datasheets generation
  • Date stamps
  • Personal datasheets generation
  • Shareholding diagrams generation
  • Automated corporate lifecycle change management
  • Automatic reminders
  • Assignment management
  • Meeting agenda creation
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A native iPad app gives users the flexibility to manage board materials and communication anywhere, anytime.

Provides users with central access to board meeting agendas, documents and member profiles.

Supports collaboration by allowing users to comment and annotate board documents online.

GlobalBoards generates tasks or meeting agendas automatically when a workflow is created, in order to streamline board management processes.

Enhances user productivity by allowing users to download data and work in offline mode.