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GlobiFlow for Podio

Workflow Automation & Data Visualization for Citrix Podio™

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GlobiFlow for Podio overview

If you've been using Podio for any length of time, you've no doubt fallen in love with it. The power of Podio comes from it's amazing flexibility. You can easily get started and evolve your Apps and Workspaces iteratively over time – something I've never been able to do in the adoption of any other platform.

Peter Parker's uncle told him, “with great power comes great responsibility”. Well, in the case of Podio, a corollary would be “with great flexibility come many wishes for extra features”.

One of the biggest things we wanted to achieve in our own organization was to automate as much as possible within Podio. It started with simple things like when an item is created to assign a task, or to send an email when a project went over-budget, but it soon mushroomed into a flexible Podio Workflow Automation system in it's own right.

It's called GlobiFlow, and has made Podio an even stronger work platform.

The possibilities are almost endless with what you can achieve with GlobiFlow for Podio. You can define flows to trigger when certain events take place, specify under which conditions (filters) they should execute, and define any number of actions to perform.

Flows can be triggered by day or date, or when a Podio Item is created or updated. They can also be triggered by other flows, so you can daisy-chain them together for even more complex scenarios.

Flow actions can update items, create new items, assign tasks, send emails, perform complex math, follow linked items, and create app references. For one client, we have even put together a complete business process management system using only Podio and GlobiFlow.

What started out as an automation system also soon became a policing system. Since Podio is sometimes looser on permissions than managers like, many of our clients use GlobiFlow for Podio to send alerts and assign tasks if people do things they shouldn't.

Alan Maxwell, CEO of String® gave us this great compliment:
“If Podio is Lego, you've just built Lego Technic.“

And that pretty much sums it up. It's actually quite difficult to explain and express just how powerful GlobiFlow for Podio really is. If you have a few more minutes to spare, why don't you pop by our video blog and check out some of the video examples of GlobiFlow for Podio in action.


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GlobiFlow for Podio reviews


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David Diamond

Podio is incomplete without GlobiFlow

Reviewed 2015-08-18
Review Source: GetApp

When we started to use Podio, we considered adding GlobiFlow but figured we'd probably be able to do everything we wanted with Podio's built-in worklflow editor. This couldn't have been further from reality. In fact, we don't even bother with Podio's built-in workflow engine because it's just easier to do it all in GlobiFlow. We have 72 active flows at the moment, and we add news one all the time, as we discover new things we can do. The simple fact is: If it were not for GlobiFlow, Podio wouldn't even be an option for us.After a minor learning curve, GloboFlow becomes as intuitive to use as Podio. Between workflows that involve Podio, Zaper, GlobiFlow and ItDuzzIt, GlobiFlow is by far the most reliable and offers the best UX. (Zapier is pretty nice, but it lacks GlobiFlow's "Refresh from Podio" option, which is handy when you're changing app structure to fit the requirements of your flows.) The GlobiFlow support team is also fantastic. They're very quick to respond and, when they do, they provide helpful info, often with screenshots of configurations that would otherwise by tough to explain with words. Virtually every time I've contacted them, it was either something I was doing wrong or something I didn't know how to do. I haven't' yet stumbled on an actual bug. I once reported what I thought was something that was hindering usability. I got en emaIl back within a few hours from the lead developer, saying he agreed and he had fixed it. And this was on a Sunday! The "Calc" type of filter and action uses PHP notation to get things done. This might scare off some at first, but it's actually a wonderful thing. You can pull cope snippets from the Web and do lots of things that would otherwise be impossible using the GUI. It's also handy for forcing order-of-precedence for test conditions, which is something not possible with just AND/OR joning of conditions. Finally, this is your best friend if you want to use variables in your flows. As I mentioned, Podio would be on no use to use without GlobiFlow. Anyone who plans to use Podio for anything other than the absolute basics, should get to know GlobiFlow. (ANd if you're using the free edition of Podio and you think you'll love the "advanced" workflow editor you get when you start paying, don't get your hopes up. GlobiFlow is by far better than the "advanced" Podio editor.)

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Globiflow is essential to Podio

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-10-29
Review Source: GetApp

Globiflow is the engine that makes Podio run. Podio by itself is a useful and easy to use platform for creating just about anything. Globiflow is the workflow backend that allows power users to automate their workflow to an almost unlimited extent. I can't recommend it enough to get the most out of the Podio platform-unlimited flexibility to automate anything -great customer service and a very active user forum -seamless integration with Podio -great value for the price

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Mike Dugan

GlobiFlow can run your business for you

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-05-04
Review Source: GetApp

Globiflow can change the way you manage your time and your business. Automating simple tasks such as emails and reminders is almost comically easy using GlobiFlow. An example: We use Globiflow to review driving certifications (we have over 200 drivers on staff). If a driver has a cert expiring, we send them reminder emails multiple months in advance. They then can submit their new cert through a webform, and Globiflow updates all of their information. This used to be done manually. Overall, Globiflow has saved us 100s of hours through workflows such as this.

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Liz Ward

Globiflow is critical for us to manage the literally thousands of pages of QC documents we deal with

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-09
Review Source: GetApp

Time/date based triggers have enabled us to automatically send email renewal requests to vendors when documents are expiring. We are an SQF, organic, gluten-free, vegan, Non-GMO, and kosher food processor. We literally manage thousands of pages of documents every to comply with all of our various certifications. Prior to Globiflow, we were doing this manually using excel which was the mess you would expect. Globiflow has enabled us to scale our business much more efficiently.

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Eve Peters

Easy, robust, HUGE value-add!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-09-15
Review Source: GetApp

Customized notification capabilities Robust capabilities - I never feel limited! Automation for like-tasks Save soooo much time! I'm able to provide consistency across processes Automation make it easier for my team to do the heavy lifting as opposed to managing the system / having to remember what to click and when

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Pricing is based on the number of Flows or Recipes you define, and the total number of actions performed every month.

GlobiFlow for Podio features

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Key features of GlobiFlow for Podio

  • Automate your Processes
  • Police your Data
  • Visualize your Data
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Create workflows to automatically create or update records, assign tasks, and send customized email notifications to customers when records are updated according to your business rules.

Get notifications when any record in Podio is updated and violates your business rules, and trigger workflows when time-sensitive records reach or exceed their target dates.

Get visual feedback by turning any report into a graph or chart to display in any workspace or app, or even in specific items if want a dashboard app right inside Podio.