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G Suite use case: Miriam Schwab

Miriam Schwab

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5th of October, 2016
The only business email option in my opinion

We signed up for Google Apps when it was still free, and have been using it every since. We have implemented other email systems for clients when they requested it, but not other cloud-based email service comes close to Google Apps in terms of features and integrations. That's why we recommend it to all clients who need a business email solution.

What do you like best?

Features, flexibility, integrations. Onboarding has become super-easy.

What do you dislike?

Sometimes gets slow in the browser.

Why did you end up selecting G Suite over other applications?

At the time it was free, and it allowed us to use the gmail interface with a custom domain. But six years later, we also pay for the service since we've evaluated other solutions and this is the best in terms of features and value.

What is your main use case with G Suite?

Email and Google Docs for team collaboration on documents.

Give one example how G Suite has improved the way your organization functions

The ability to have email, chat and docs under one umbrella for our org is the only way I can imagine functioning.

What is your ROI?

Professional email that is efficient and feature-rich.

Likelihood to recommend


Time used

2+ years

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