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IntelliEnterprise Feature Summary

  • Submit ideas and vote them up or down.
  • Re-use existing user information, LDAP, Single-Sign On
  • Let users collaborate in Communities with Blogs, Wikis, ...
  • Graphical workflow designer to easily design processes
  • Office documents, PDFs, webpages, images, videos, etc.
  • Configure your own forms with a Wizard interface, no coding.
  • Gauges, Bar charts, Funnels, Pie charts, all HTML5
  • Databases, Fileshares, WebDAV, RSS, IFrame, SQL, Exchange
  • Lifecycle management that automatically flags up old content
  • For Office documents, PDFs and webpages + automatic abstract
  • Application that assigns IDs and tracks them.
  • Recruiting requisition manager + Job tracker application
  • One-click Direct Edit function to edit documents on Desktop
  • Responsively re-arranges layouts for smaller screens.
  • Automatic Org Chart based on Report-To data from AD.
  • Weblog API, OpenSearch API, Federated Search
  • HTML5 Editor + Responsive Design Editor
  • Search for metadata with Search Discovery

IntelliEnterprise Features In Depth

Content Management

IntelliEnterprise has a top-level content management module that offers full text search for all Office documents, PDFs and webpages and automatically creates thumbnails. Users can create their own metadata categories, which can be made optional or mandatory. This makes IntelliEnterprise’s document search feature even more precise.

Within the Content Management Module you’ll find a built-in HTML5 video stream player that comes with a WYSIWYG HTML Editor, as well as with a responsive-design NoMoBoCo HTML Editor. This editor provides Wikis, Blogs, Knowledge Base, and Ideation tools for your team. It has integrated approval workflows, and it has One-Click Editing for all Office documents and web pages.

Built-In Applications & Workflows

IntelliEnterprise comes with built-in Applications for Helpdesk, CRM, Asset Tracking, Recruitment Requisitions, and Meeting Room Reservations, along with many other applications. These applications can be customized quickly and easily, with no coding necessary.

To customize your applications, you can use IntelliEnterprise’s No-code App Designer. You’ll be able to add different field types, define views, and select workflows. You can also use the graphical Workflow Designer to model complex workflows by dragging-and-dropping decision and action notes into place.

Intranet Modeler

IntelliEnterprise’s web-based solution includes a revolutionary Intranet Modeler. The Intranet Modeler is a prototyping tool that enables organizations to quickly assemble Site Maps from IntelliEnterprise’s four best-practice templates for Enterprise Portal, Enterprise Network, Social Intranet and Sales Portal.

Begin using the Intranet Modeler by creating a sketch mock-up. Your sketch mock-up can be fully clickable, and it can be shared with colleagues through the online system. Once the architecture has been found, this Model can then be implemented inside IntelliEnterprise. This Intranet Modeler feature simplifies the implementation process and reduces the time it takes organizations to go live.

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IntelliEnterprise Feature Reviews

1 reviewers had the following to say about IntelliEnterprise's features:

Steve O'Gorman

Well-rounded product


It is easily one of the most feature rich products offering features for people, documents, storing/managing your data and workflows.


They have so many and everything can be somehow customized or tweaked; if not in the UI than through their helpful tech support


The forum and IM function. Both these look and are very basic. They need to update those.

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Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Time used: 6-12 months

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Use their free modeler architect which makes sitemaps for you that then install in the software within seconds. That alone saves you days/weeks/years of manually creating pages, layouts, etc.

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