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This Application No Longer Exists

Kato is no longer available for purchase. Archived information about Kato is available below.

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Intended Users
Freelancers, Mid Size Business, Non Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business
Supported Countries
Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages

Kato Pricing

Starting from: $5.00/month

Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Free for students, nonprofits, and startup accelerators

Free for teams of 10 and under

$5 per user, per month otherwise (30-day trial)

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Key Features of Kato

  • Fast & Intuitive Search
  • Robust Integrations
  • Messaging Concurrency
  • Effortless Inbox Zero
  • Media & File Sharing
  • Realtime communications
  • Dropbox integration


- Concurrency

Other messaging software still silos conversations in separate windows. Companies handicap their employees with the task of managing screen real estate instead of communicating freely.

The dashboard design of Kato unifies conversations in one window and centralizes message notifications. The productivity payoff is immediately recognizable. Seeing is believing!

- Effortless Inbox Zero

Email is cumbersome, especially around internal collaboration. The daily grind of handling inbox overload accounts for more wasted time than any other process during the work week.

Merging both real-time and asynchronous communication, Kato intelligently controls the information flow for you. Hours will be saved every day, immediately multiplying the amount your organization can accomplish. Kato is not a new inbox, it simply gets more workflow out of the inbox and into realtime communications to improve productivity.

- Media & File Sharing

Sharing files, images, or videos often happens in the context of a conversation. Yet, it is common to see files, images, or videos separated from the surrounding discussion. This causes the attention of the reader to be diverted to another application or website.

Kato offers straightforward file and media sharing within the context of a conversation. It is possible to share files with a Dropbox integration, file selection dialog, drag-and-drop, or copy-and-paste.

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