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Neudesic Pulse

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Neudesic Pulse overview

What is Neudesic Pulse?

Neudesic Pulse is a complete enterprise social networking platform that allows users to communicate and share information in real-time. The application is designed to share business tasks and let other users engage with processes in order to input additional information and speed up tasks.

Users can create conversations and share discussions to get tasks completed faster. Neudesic Pulse profiles can also be customized to suit hierarchy and skill sets with bespoke endorsements and badges.

The Neudesic Pulse software is also integratable with an array of additional CRM platforms and allows you 'auto-sync' permissions via the user dashboard.


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Neudesic Pulse pricing

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- Hosted: $7.00/pm
- Enterprise: $10.00/pm

Neudesic Pulse features

Communication Management
Document Management
File Sharing
Task Management

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Key features of Neudesic Pulse

  • Share files instantly
  • Connect employee to client
  • Supports all file types
  • Create projects
  • Real-time communication
  • Provide feedback
  • Add notes to conversations
  • Mobile vesion available
  • IOS and Android
  • Supports SharePoint uploads
  • Central administration
  • Share discussions
  • Create conversations
  • Apply user permissions
  • Build chat around tasks
  • Connect Dynamics CRM, Outlook, Lync
  • Hosting available
  • Create user badges
  • Skills and Endorsements
  • Business Profiles
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- File types and sharing: Neudesic Pulse enables users to share only the files they want with the additional users they want. This tool builds communication levels between staff, clients and partners while limiting permissions for other users.

- Create conversations and share discussions: The Neudesic Pulse software is programmed in a way so you build conversations around certain tasks within a business in order to get instant feedback/guidance from users.

- Integrations and administration: Neudesic Pulse directly links to SharePoint and can automatically upload data in the background of your operations. You can administrate the file sharing permissions via the Neudesic Pulse dashboard.

- User profiles: Create business profiles for different users in order to establish hierarchy and differentiate skill sets. Neudesic Pulse user profiles can have custom badges, images, endorsements and credentials.

- Packages and hosting: Neudesic Pulse lets you host the entire networking program on your own private server or on the Neudesic Pulse cloud space. Hosting on the Neudesic Pulse server incurs an additional cost.

- Mobile ready: The Neudesic Pulse software is mobile ready and available on IOS and Android to ensure users have direct access when away from their desks. The mobile app is completely transparent and all data is displayed in real-time.