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Microsoft OneDrive use case: Mark Kidd

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12th of September, 2016
OneDrive for business

We use OneDrive on all our machines in the offices. It comes with our Office365 subscription and gives 1TB of storage to each user, If you are used to DropBox or some other cloud sharing service then you will know exactly how this works. The excellent part about OneDrive is the integration with Office. When saving a document simply chose your OneDrive Business or OneDrive personal location and its that easy. If you need to save files to the cloud for backup or retrieval from another device then copy files into the OneDrive folder.

What do you like best?

Very simple to use, simply copy your files in the folder and they sync. Integrated directly into office which is great as you can save files directly to the OneDrive folder instantly. Allows for use of your OneDrive business and OneDrive personal if you have it and it sees them as completely seperate.

What do you dislike?

You need to have a decent link to the internet for larger files. Sometimes if your link is busy accessing the OneDrive folder to save directly from within an Office app has that horrible wait period where you are not sure if it is hanging or just about to time out before it eventually shows the online folders.

If so, why did you switch?

OneDrive included 1TB per user on our Office365 subscription so this made good sense,

What is your main use case with Microsoft OneDrive?

Users use it store their files for retrieval from other devices. It is used as a secondary backup location for users to store their documents.

Give one example how Microsoft OneDrive has improved the way your organization functions

Online cloud storage is fantastic, once a person has used it properly it is very difficult to imagine not having it.

Likelihood to recommend


Recommendations to others considering Microsoft OneDrive

There is not much to consider if you use Office then you should be using OneDrive. If you are invested in DropBox or some other cloud space system then i would not make the move unless you subscribe to Offie365. (1TB space included is great) If you do subscribe to Offcice365 then not making use of the included OneDrive option is, well not wise.

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1-2 years

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