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Presently Overview is an award-winning microblogging platform that keeps your company connected in real-time. Increase your team's productivity by posting updates, sharing files, exchanging ideas, and more.


Intended Users
Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small Business
Devices Supported
Linux, Web-based
Supported Countries
Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Presently Pricing

Starting from: $2.00
Pricing model: Freemium, One-time License
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Our SaaS version of Presently is completely free. Our enterprise Behind-the-Firewall (BTF) solution ranges from $2k to $20k depending on amount of users. Please see the BTF pricing link

Competitors Pricing


Starting from: $150.00/month
Pricing model: One-time License, Subscription
Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)


Starting from: $8.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription


Starting from: $49.00/month
Pricing model: Subscription
Free Trial: Available

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Key Features of Presently

  • Private and Secure. Keep your company conversations safe.
  • Meet less, know more. Leverage company ideas and creativity.
  • Always be connected. Never miss a beat with your team.
  • Access from anywhere. Stay connected via web, IM and mobile.
  • We support more than 5 native mobile devices.

Benefits allows individuals to post short, frequent updates that are tracked or "followed" by others. Unlike Twitter, provides a secure and private way to share updates among members of a company, without them being visible to the outside world.

With, it's easy to share images, documents, video, and audioclips with your colleagues. Whether you're looking for quick feedback on a new design mockup or sending out new policy documents for human resources, it has never been easier to rapidly share and communicate media in your company. You don't need a computer at the ready to touch base with your team. provides multiple interfaces that let you keep in touch wherever you are. Use it from your computer, your mobile phone, or most any device capable of connecting to the internet. We give you tools to customize to suit your company's.'s Twitter-compatible API makes it dead simple to create novel ways to interact with the system. And all the tools built for Twitter can be adapted to with just a few small modifications.

Alternatives to Presently

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  • · Instant messaging (enterprise-grade chat)
  • · Company-wide NEWS (real-time sharing of workplace stories)
  • · Employee recognition (Shout-Outs)
  • · LIBRARY that organizes files, documents, videos
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