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Insights into feature demand for SaaS product teams

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Receptive overview

Receptive is a Product Demand Intelligence tool, providing an all-in-one product management solution.

Your customers can use our feedback portal (which integrates directly with your app) to submit requests and ideas of their own, as well as browse other customers' ideas. They can then use our innovative slider system to prioritize the different requests, allowing you to see what is truly important to your users.

You can also segment your data based on the type of customer. If, for example, you wanted to decrease churn, you could take a look at what churned users wanted the most. By building those features, you can avoid further churn in the future.

You're able to make data-informed decisions about how to improve your product, saving you time and resources.


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Receptive screenshot: The dashboard shows your latest activity and the key updates over the past week.Receptive - full demoReceptive screenshot: The suggest a feature form allows you to submit your ideas. The form is customizable.Receptive screenshot: Browse the latest feature requests to get an idea of what your customers want.Receptive screenshot: Receptive's SmartLists provide a simple way of seeing what your customers want the most.Receptive screenshot: Our roadmapping tool helps you to visualize and plan for the future.Receptive screenshot: The customer dashboard shows them the latest features they can vote on.Receptive screenshot: The slider system allows your customers to tell you what is most important to them.Receptive screenshot: Our embedded widget allows your users to provide feedback from within your application.

Receptive reviews


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Elisabeth Hunt

Easy to set up, great transparency for end-users to see multiple priorities

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-02-27
Review Source: Capterra

This has totally changed how we handle enhancements. Also, their support is STELLAR both in helping get started and in dealing with issues that arise during use.Receptive was the "silver bullet" we needed to get our enhancement requests organized. We went from a pile of unresolved open "help desk" tickets filled with ideas for our product (and I mean, well over 1,000 of these) to an organized place where users can search, submit, and vote on enhancements. We can show what we're planning to do, what we are rejecting, and how many users are interested in a particular enhancement. One of my favorite parts is the "sliders" that allow users to see if they want to prioritize a certain enhancement, that automatically means de-prioritizing another - that is a great message that users see for themselves without my team having to say a word.

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Remi Allegre

Receptive, the only Product Demand Intelligence software you'll ever need

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-03-21
Review Source: Capterra

While looking for a place software where we could orchestrate SalesScreen customer's requests alongside our own internal wishes, I stumbled upon Receptive and was sold right away. Receptive has not only avoided the trap of building a do-it-all product but based on my research they built a whole new category of must-have product for any SaaS company: Product Demand Intelligence. They have taken a deep dive into what REALLY makes customer feedback challenging to handle, and executed beautifully, building a product which is extremely flexible, easy to use yet super powerful. One feature comes to mind to illustrate how innovative Receptive is: features prioritisation. The idea could not be any simpler: one individual (employee or customer) marks several features at 'want's'. The traditional approach consists in letting that individual grade how important each of these features are, to which he/she invariably answers that all of them should be implemented yesterday. Receptive made one tiny but fundamental change: Rating one feature as super important will automatically downscale the importance the other features. I was personally sold on that feature alone. Receptive may not come cheap for small businesses, but it is worth every cents for any software company who's serious about growing a product that customers want. But I'd add that Receptive have provided us with more than just a stellar product. They are also great teachers. Each of my recurring chats with their customer success team, brings its lot of puzzling questions, new perspectives and potential improvements, each forcing me to take a hard look on how we handle and could improve the management of our product roadmap. If you are not convinced, spending 10 minutes on their blog should suffice to see that Receptive has a lot of great knowledge and wisdom to share. I could not recommend Receptive enough.

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Christian Hoogerheyde

Useful and easy-to-use. Better than Salesforce Ideas.

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-02-26
Review Source: Capterra

Our product team previously used 'Salesforce Ideas' (an add-on module to SFDC) for a few years to manage inbound feedback from the field. However, as we grew and as the variety and volume of requests grew, the limitations of this module became very apparent. Managing, de-duplicating, and deepening our understanding of submitted requests was quite painful. Receptive, in contrast, has allowed us to easily review and triage incoming product feature requests from our sales/services teams, and identify which requests will make the most impact for our customers. Integrating Receptive was as painless as we could've hoped for, and our teams love using it. Great work to the Receptive team for building a useful tool for product teams.

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Matt Warren

Best tool for user feedback in a SaaS app

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-04
Review Source: Capterra

It's drastically increased the amount of feedback we receive. We especially like the `engagement emails you can send out which are personalized to each user. It really helps them get to grips with our feedback process and invites them to add new ideas that they have. It's saved us a lot of time and effort, and now we can see our customers priorities.

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Melanie Walker

Feature Requests and management in a breeze!

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-08-08
Review Source: Capterra

Organized feature requests, client transparency, in house road map visibility, feature request integration with JIRA for real-time client updates, the ability to talk regarding new potential features, competitor advantages due to clients telling-all, business case examples from clients are easier to receive, a place to place prospect client feature requests, ability to search for outstanding, reporting tools, feature analysis on cost vs. want.I love how it is versatile and easy to use. Everyone in our company is able to utilize Receptive without massive training. They can get started the same day that their account is set up. In receptive they are able to see what is in the feedback stage, what is being built, and the roadmaps. It's a one stop shop without having to ask everyone how to use it! I also love their blog, check it out even if you are not in the market for their software.

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Starter: $199 per month.

Bronze: $499 per month.

Silver: from $999 per month.

Gold: arranged on a per-customer basis.

Annual invoicing is available on the Pro plan & higher.

Receptive features

Activity Dashboard
Automatic Notifications
Collaboration Tools
Customizable Branding
Third Party Integration

API (201 other apps)
Access Control (150 other apps)
Activity Tracking (98 other apps)
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Additional information for Receptive

Key features of Receptive

  • Notifications
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Idea ranking
  • Analytics
  • Prioritization
  • Content import / export
  • Feature management
  • Product roadmapping
  • Prioritization
  • Idea management
  • Gather feature requests from customers
  • Receptive auto-suggests matches from existing features
  • Customers self-service
  • Automatically email customers
  • Real-time knowledge
  • Auto-email progress updates
  • Personalized emails
  • Collaborate with customers & team
  • Workflow for feature requests
  • Unify product discussion & analytics
  • Share roadmap & release logs
  • Drill down into user & account priorities
  • Customize and share reports
  • Dial-in development estimates
  • Back up prioritization decisions with data
  • Product intelligence
  • Third-party integration
  • Feedback management
  • Feedback collection
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Receptive enables organizations to manage all customer and team feature requests on a single platform.

Users can learn which features are important to different customer segments, and measure what matters most to the team.

SaaS teams are able to control competing and conflicting influences on product direction by having customers dial-in their priorities.

Organizations can effectively use data collected by Receptive to ensure that time and resources are aligned with strategy.

SaaS companies can share roadmap and release logs to inform customers and teams of what is planned, and what is currently being developed.