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Sellsy Teamwork

Discover real-time teamwork with Sellsy

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Sellsy Teamwork overview

- Access privileges: keep control

Sellsy offers a high level of control over the actions your co-workers can perform
Whatever the size of your team, you keep control and know what people can do.
With workgroups, you can easily manage internal business units.

- Collaborative teamwork: forget email reminders

Creating and assigning tasks in Sellsy is easy.
You can set email reminders and easily share tasks among multiple employees.
Tasks can be defined anywhere in the application and elegantly aggregate on your dashboard.

- Live chat and offline messaging

Forget emails: Sellsy is the ultimate tool to communicate with your team.
Live or offline, you're sure to never miss a thing.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, China and 7 other markets, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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English, French
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Sellsy Teamwork reviews

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Sellsy is not what it was. Look at the competition.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-08-29
Review Source: GetApp

Hello everyone. I rarely take the time to give my opinion on the solutions that I use, but then I had to do it. Sellsy user for 3/4 years, I could follow the development of this tool. At first it was good (Invokit) startup atmosphere, interesting developments for a price of € 22 / month if settlement in the year if it was 24/25 I think. At the time, we could connect PrestaShop to Sellsy it was great. Then Sellsy changed direction and wanted to be a tool for big companies, dropping all SMBs that used the solution and that had enabled Sellsy to be what it is now. Sellsy became simply a money machine that even the commercial struggle to sell ... As we go along, Sellsy took these customers in "hostage". Take for example the solution PrestaShop. When Sellsy developed a module "website" for online sales. It was bye bye the PrestaShop integration, now use our solution (worthy of a 1and1) and you pay +++. 40/50 € / month I think. Then, the price of the solution itself has increased progressively. Increasing this 2016 is really not over. Imagine a solution from 264 € HT / month, then 700 € HT / month with the addition of some modules and in 2016 I spend 700 € to 1500 € for the same thing. And on top of that, remove the option to pay monthly, you get a good hostage clients who turns into a revolt. The community manager at Sellsy has done its work, and the beginning of August, he removed the dozens of bad customer reviews on the Facebook page. I invite you to look at other uncensored by Sellsy sites. Following a message left on the Facebook page of Sellsy I was contacted by many users in the same situation. Several people who have monthly pay them only a few days to leave or pay the amount in the year. Imagine the data to transfer, etc ... The commercial have admitted the situation and that it was a management decision they apply. I am aware of the situation because I was sponsoring people who are no longer on Sellsy since this year I met a Sellsy independent sales manager which now offers other solutions. I quote another opinion from a user on another site: "The good news is that it allowed us to make us realize that there are solutions with more features for a price divided by 2 (vs. the old price!). in short, a blessing in disguise. If you need a billing tool, look at the side of Incwo,, quickbooks or manager oscar ... "

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Trade in 1 currency then it will be good for you. Number 1 if you are French...Sellsy has confrontational attitude towards its users.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2016-07-01
Review Source: GetApp

If you are looking for 1 application that will be your company central repository for storing and managing all incoming and outgoing email from clients, prospects, opportunities, support cases, multi currency purchase orders, invoices, quotes, expense tracking, inventory management and marketing then sellsy able to perform all of the above in the integrated manner provided you only work in 1 currency. If you are French or based in France then this is 100% best product for you. On paper Sellsy markets itself as the complete all in one business platform however it fails in a few key areas for any business working internationally 1 is specific to multi currency. The issue is that while products/services in sellsy support multi currency selling prices they do not support multicurrency auto conversion on purchase orders. This renders the entire sales and purchasing part of their platform as a failure to us. This also kills the margins calculator on invoices. Their work around is we should manually type the price of each item in relevant currency in purchase orders to make it work. Yes that means back to excel.....the very thing we want to stop using and are paying extra for! To be fair this is not unique to Sellsy! The vast majority of other platform providers for SME fail on this. Even XERO, Quickbooks etc which are full accountancy systems who claim multi currency don't do this basic but VERY important task for internationally trading businesses who require true full purchasing and invoicing in multi currency.

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Best CRM I've used.

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-03-26
Review Source: Capterra

It is definitely an all in one software that does everything I need it to. It is easy to use and intuitive. It's got great stats and analytics. It helps our sales and marketing team significantly. Highly recommend it. Great customer service too.

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James DeRosa

Exactly what my business needed!

Reviewed 2015-10-26
Review Source: Software Advice

When I first started my business in 2014, I had a very specific need. I honestly tried several platforms before I found Sellsy, including Salesforce and others, and nothing worked as well as Sellsy. Its intuitive, and offers a growing selection of solutions that help my business look and operate professionally. It also offers the kind of power that allows me to send quotes quickly and respond to my clients and prospects before my competition can make a move. I'm a big fan of this website and really do recommend it highly.

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Sellsy is a brilliant CRM

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-03-20
Review Source: Capterra

My last company used Sellsy, and I didn't fully realize how great Sellsy was until I went to my new company which uses another CRM. Sellsy is WAY more complete, does way more things, and the email marketing is much more user-friendly. You can do everything with no code involved.

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Sellsy Teamwork pricing

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from $30.90
6 months (including 1 month free)$154.50
12 months (including 2 months free)$309.00

Additional user: $7.50/month
CRM pipelines add-on: $7.50/month per user using the add-on
Helpdesk: $15/month
Hours billing: $7.50/month per user using the add-on
Purchases management: $15/month
Inventory management: $20/month

Sellsy Teamwork features

File Management

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Third Party Integration (148 other apps)

Additional information for Sellsy Teamwork

Key features of Sellsy Teamwork

  • Real-time teamwork
  • Live chat, discussion walls, agendas
  • High level of control
  • Manage internal business units
  • Create and assig tasks
  • Set email reminders
  • Share tasks among multiple employees.
  • Define tasks anywhere
  • Aggregate tasks to dashboard
  • Live chat and offline messaging
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Sellsy's advantage: mobile access included for all users:

Everybody in your team can access Sellsy from our mobile applications for iOS and Android