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Slack use case: Rachel Said

Rachel Said

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22nd of July, 2016
Conversations between staff made easy

I was introduced to this software a couple of weeks ago from an employee who came across it, tested it for several months with other coworkers and then invited the whole company to join in. It's an incredibly useful software which is easy to use and it makes my work life so much easier. I stopped sending emails to all staff members for our company lunch - instead I created a #food channel and we all post our orders there. It's also more fun to use than other social networking sites mainly because I can send any documents or photos through chats, easily access old chats and have a clear log of everything.

What do you like best?

- Easy to use - Great design - Well-liked and used across all areas in the company - Sending documents, photos, or just talking to someone is made so easy - we no longer have to worry about lost emails or those dreaded long email threads

What do you dislike?

- When the desktop app is open and the window is minimised, some notifications don't show up.

What is your main use case with Slack?

Communicating with coworkers.

Give one example how Slack has improved the way your organization functions

I found it easier to communicate with coworkers via Slack rather than sending multiple emails.

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