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Slack use case: Fernando Garcia Esparza

Fernando Garcia Esparza

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23rd of November, 2016
Perfect team chat with productivity bots integration

I haven't found a better team collaboration tool cloud-based. Slack is awesome because it supports API integration with 3rd part applications. Different topics can be organized in channels, public or private, and event possible to send direct messages to any coworker. My team is using Slack APIs to create bots that help us in routine activities.

What do you like best?

The ability to create separate channels for each team member or group of people is great. The user experience is amazing and extremely simple to get used to. The design is fantastic. Calling out team members is terrific and effortless.

What do you dislike?

I think they could add voice chat, video calls or screen sharing to increment the productivity even more.

What is your main use case with Slack?

Team collaboration, files sharing and bots integration.

Give one example how Slack has improved the way your organization functions

By connecting all the team in different and important conversations, and also by automate a lot of task that had taken time in the past.

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Recommendations to others considering Slack

Slack greatly improved communication among teams in our company. It's much easier to send a message over Slack than to write an email or get up and walk across the room. Sharing files is just as easy and it's nice to have everything centralized in one place.

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1-2 years

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